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The following are short notes by Allen on the remedy. The highlighted text are the symptoms that we find useful in prescribing at the I.H.M.


Generalities :
Bruised feeling over the whole body.
Symptoms < evening and after eating, also by changes of temperature and alternations of warmth and cold, also touch, moving about and stretching the body.

Head :
Pain over the right eye, like a pressing asunder ; < lying down, > walking and standing.
Headache particularly < changes of temperature.
The whole head feels enlarged and distended.
Smarting and burning in the eyes and canthi, as from smoke.
Eyeballs sore on moving them.

Nose :
Nose swollen and inflamed, red.
Nostrils scabby.
Profuse discharge of tenacious mucus.
Tingling internally from the tip to the root, even extending to the right temple.

Clinical :
Attack like hay fever, smarting and burning in the eyes, stuffy nose, aggravated in evening ; particularly tingling and crawling, which the patient tries to relieve by hawking and blowing the nose.

Stomach :
Scraping burning from the palate through the throat to the stomach.
Obstruction by tough mucus in the throat and œsophagus, especially in the evening.
Increased thirst.
Nausea and eructations, < afternoon and evening.
Burning at the cardiac orifice of the stomach.
Aching and sore pain at the pit of the stomach when touched.
Gastritis from alcohol.

Abdomen :
Sore, bruised pain in the hypochondrium, and shooting pains from the liver into the right side of the chest.
Sticking in the right ribs, arresting breath, even extending to the top of the right shoulder.
Bruised pain in the region of the liver, sore to touch.
Sharp, pinching pains below umbilicus after eating.
Sensitiveness to touch.

Stool :
Diarrhœa, watery, painless, (dysentery, with pains in the lower rib-regions).

Chest :
Sharp, sticking pains, particularly in the lower right ribs, extending even to shoulder, or at times, above left nipple, all < touch and motion, with bruised pain ; cannot move the arms or body.
Locality of pain sensitive to touch.
The region of the lower ribs on both sides becomes extremely painful to touch, with sharp, sticking pains on motion or inspiration, with tightness.
Pain in the muscles of the chest as from subcutaneous ulceration, with soreness and difficult breathing.
Violent bruised pain in the region of the short ribs, with backache, lassitude and ill humor ; the pain spreads over the whole chest, with short breath, can hardly speak, < moving the arms or body or breathing.

Clinical :
Intercostal neuralgia.
Inflammation of the diaphragm.
Pneumonia and pleurisy, with the above peculiar pains, aggravated by changes of weather ; always with great soreness to touch, as if bruised.
The pains seem rather external, as if in the muscles.

Back :
Stitches in and between the scapulæ.

Extremities :
Sudden jerking or tearing pains in the forearms.
Sticking burning pains in the sciatic region ; < morning and stormy weather.

Skin :
Vesicular eruption ; blisters, often dark blue, in groups or along the course of nerves, with burning, shooting pains (herpes zoster).

Fever :
Frequent chilliness after dinner.
Chill in the evening, with heat of the face, but without general fever.


Thuja Through Allen: Hints by I.H.M. clinical observation


In general, good for bad effects of vaccination.

Melancholia, with a fixed idea that he is made of a brittle substance, will not allow persons to touch him, for fear that he will be broken.

Great emotional sensitiveness, music causes weeping and trembling (Ign.).

Fixed idea of a living animal in the abdomen; of the soul separated from the body; of strange people by his side, etc.

Neuralgic headache in the occiput, extreme soreness and screaming, cannot sleep nor chew.

Violent neuralgic headache, as though a nail were driven in.

Neuralgia of the head and face from tea-drinking.

Neuralgia at night, extending from vertex over the whole head.

Ciliary neuralgia, pain extends over the face and head, with great soreness, cannot lie on the face nor chew.

Keratoiritis, with excessive photophobia, opacity, etc.

Episcleritis, with great soreness and violent pain.

Iritis, especially syphilitic, with gummata on the iris, severe nocturnal pain.

Polypi of the ear, with otorrhoea, easy bleeding, shooting pains.

Otorrhoea smelling of putrid meat.

Nasal catarrh, with quantities of thick, green mucus, pus and blood that seem to come from the frontal sinuses.

Painful scabs in the nostrils.

Warts on the nose.

Violent toothache from decayed teeth, particularly useful when the teeth decay next the gums, with retraction of the gums, leaving a healthy crown; teeth extremely sensitive to cold water.

Aphthous sore mouth.

Warts about anus.



Excessive perspiration on perineum.

Chronic diarrhoea.

Stools forcible, pale, copious, greasy, expelled with gurgling, like water from a bung-hole, < after breakfast; particularly diarrhoea after vaccination.


High-colored, strong smelling urine.

Gonorrhoea, with thin, greenish discharge and scalding during micturition.

Repressed gonorrhoea, especially with rheumatism or inflamed prostate.

Secondary syphilis; roseola, iritis, with condylomata, etc.

Chancroidal ulcers on the genitals.

Epithelioma of the vagina and uterus.

Uterine polypi, with terrible pain.

Ovaritis, l.

Chronic ovaritis following gonorrhoea.

Prolapsus, < driving, with great pain in the back.


Vagina extremely sensitive in coition (Kreos., Sulph.).

Polypi of the vocal cords.

Cough in the morning after rising and during the day, sometimes in evening after lying down; immediately after eating.

Sciatica of l. side from fright.

Toe-nails crumble, are very brittle.

Fungoid excrescences from various parts of the body, which bleed easily on the slightest touch.

Molluscum, tubercular, umbilicated.

Numerous crops of warts, and condylomata, which bleed readily.


Varicose ulcers.

Pemphigus, eczema.

It was used by Boenninghausen in variola as soon as the vesicles filled; he believed it caused rapid desiccation and prevented scars.

Extremely fetid sweat on feet.