Advanced Practitioner Training.

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LATEST NEWS! Due to an involvement of a kind supporter of homoeopathy, we are able to lower the prices of the course. See below.

The course will be conducted in English.

The Institute is a professional Research and education body, established in 1986 to promote the medical practice of Homoeopathic Medicine as established by Samuel Hahnemann.  To this end, the conducting an 8 month course in utilizing the method via intensive study and application of the original method that is so successful in treating illness.

The 8 months will be spent in home study, interspersed with regular conference teaching and discussion calls. Podcasts on specific subjects will be presented to students as required. I.H.M. tutors will be available via email and SKYPE to all students.

The course is divided into 8 modules, covering:

  • The rationale of homoeopathic medicine.
  • The examination of the patient according to defined parameters of eliciting prescribing symptoms without the filter of Swedenborgian philosophy via Kent and all the variants of non Hahnemann practices as defined and taught by teachers today.
  • An in depth look at the Miasm theory in the light of infection and infectious disease models that are the accepted protocols in modern medicine.
  • Patient management utilising Hahnemannian directives for medicine administration and potency choice, frequency of dose, withdrawal of repetition of medicine on well indicated grounds, observation of medicinal action and when to change the medicine.
  • Use of LM or Q potencies.
  • Chronic and acute prescribing and when to finish prescribing.
  • In depth explanation and use of the Therapeutic Pocket Book. The T.P.B. was devised by Boenninghausen as a synthetic approach approximating Hahnemanns thoughts on case analysis so as to find a close similimum by extracting the correct proving symptoms that match the disease state.
  • A rubric by rubric explanation of meaning, so as to choose the right rubric in every case.
  • Lots of case examples and analysis by I.H.M. staff.
  • Tutor help in re examining some of the students intractable cases.

Our aim is to instill in the student, a confidence in understanding both the case and the method of analysis and surety in prescribing.

The I.H.M. Graduate Diploma will be awarded for successful completion of the course.

The course fees: In Sterling.

1/.Total cost for the training course: Including the SYNOPSIS computer program and P&W book Repertory is £2800 NOW £2500

2/.Total cost of the Course excluding the SYNOPSIS computer program but including the book Repertory is £2500 NOW £2250

We will ask for a deposit of £500 and the remainder to be paid over a fixed term.

Feel free to talk to us about your financial abilities and we will see what we can do to accommodate.

Books we will use:

Most are on the computer program. We will supply PDFs of materials that need to be studied.

Organon of Medicine: various editions.

The Life of Hahnemann: Richard Haehl

Chronic Diseases: Samuel Hahnemann.

Various articles by Hahnemann.

Pharmacology texts.

Writings of Boenninghausen

Therapeutic Pocket Book: Boenninghausen.

Various writings of other authors.

Various medical text books.

The course will cover:

  • Rationale of homoeopathic Medicine.
  • What can be treated by homoeopathy. What cannot.
  • How to determine the difference between personality and disease.
  • What is a prescribing symptom.
  • What is the ‘only true picture of the disease’.
  • What is the protocol for making a prescription.
  • The true understanding.
  • Treatment of miasms.
  • Mixed miasm cases.
  • Treatment of more than one disease.
  • How to study the Materia Medica.
  • How to match a disease expression with the Materia Medica.
  • Pharmacology
  • Use of 50 millesimal scale
  • How to prepare and give a medicine
  • When to repeat a dose.
  • When to wait on a dose.
  • When to change a medicine.
  • Boenninghausens analysis of Hahnemann’s method of ascertaining the correct remedy for treatment of the patient via the synthetic approach of the therapeutic pocket book.
  • Rubric explanations and meanings.
  • Cases to analyse.
  • Help with your own cases.
  • Destroying myths in homoeopathy by facts.
  • Many other interlinked subjects.

We would estimate about 5-10 hours a week in home study.

We will have tutors on call via email.

We also will have regular conference calls, audio and sharing the tutors computer screen.

Our objective is to produce a practitioner that has a deeper knowledge of the accurate methodology required to be a successful prescriber. Someone that has confidence in him or herself and someone that has trust in the procedure.