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When things you love hurt you.

Female age 35. Computer software writer. Pleasant personality, outgoing, no physical problems found on examination.

Feb 2017, presented with a feeling daily malaise and sickness. She had just started a new job 3 months ago and the problem began one week after commencing. She did not feel stressed or anxious with the job and actually looked forward to going in every day.

The sick feeling started after breakfast 7am, during the ride to work. It was a general feeling of discomfort and feeling just ‘off’. Occasionally when walking she would have to stop with a sensation of nausea.

When sat at her desk, she had a sensation of mild dizziness which ameliorated when she got up and did another task.

She complained of a recurring toothache for which the dentist could find no causation.

Upon enquiry as to the foods she ate, it seemed that she had begun experimenting with changing her diet to see if foods were the problem. She took orange juice, yoghurt, cereals or toast.

She drank about 3 cups of coffee a day. Upon enquiry as to the type of coffee, she said it was Instant as the coffee machine had broken and the management were a little slow in replacing the machine.

In my experience, in some people, coffee especially instant coffee (primarily consisting of the stronger and more bitter Robusta berries) can aggravate the digestive system very strongly. It can cause nausea, retching, a sense of unwellness, vertigo during sitting upright and many other symptoms. One remedy that can produce these symptoms exactly is Chamomilla. I did not need to repertories this case but have done so based on the EXACT symptoms she presented.

Click on rep chart to enlarge.



I gave her Chamomilla LM 0/1. One single dose. I asked her to NOT drink instant coffee again. She said the result was immediate. Within 10 minutes the sensation of malaise had left. The next day she did not get sick traveling to work and was not dizzy during the day. The coffee machine was replaced a little later and she enquired if she could have coffee again. I told her to try it. There was no untoward reaction from it.

I heard from her in Late April of 2017, no further occurrence of the problem.


An acute fever and cough

I was awakened by a neighbour at 2:30 am who knew that medical practitioners lived in the back of the clinic. She was very concerned about her elderly father who was experiencing difficulties with a fever and a cough.

I also had another problem in as much as the woman who called me was Chinese and did not speak much Spanish or English.

In going into the sick room , I was confronted with an old Chinese male bent over coughing. Fortunately at this time, the womans young 10 year old son came into the room and he spoke both English and Spanish.

When faced with sickness, I always use my senses to collect information. The first thing I observed was that the room had a very musty smell to it.  As I approached the patient, it became clear that the patient was perspiring a little and that the odour was coming from him.

In talking to the woman through the son, she told me that her father had a fever for one day and it broke in the early evening. Then a short while later he began coughing and was bringing up a lot of gray mucus. The old man had requested her to make him green tea as he complained of a strong metallic taste with the cough.

We could not find out a reason for the fever so I looked at the symptoms before me.

  • The cough started AFTER the fever broke.
  • the expectoration was a grey mucous
  • a taste of metal
  • the offensive mold smell from his perspiration.

His daughter helped him to the bathroom and told me that his urine was extremely dark.

Based on these symptoms:

I gave Nux Vomica LM 0/1 in 3 doses every 20 minutes. By the third dose his cough had stopped and he fell peacefully asleep. In the morning he felt a little weak but was well on the mend.


Case analysis using Boenninghausens Therapeutic Pocket Book.

It is true that the TPB only contains 125 remedies for evaluation. However, in practice, it is also true that most practitioners do not know the value or scope of most remedial actions. It is amazing to find out the curative power of remedies that we have a pre- conceived opinion of as to its field of action, and see it restore sickness to health outside of our comfort zone.

Let me give an example of a recent case with few symptoms. I tried a few remedies in the first 2 days of the presented fever, and nothing really worked. In the end I sat down and looked for what could be observed visually.

The patient had a sticky greasy perspiration. Mainly on the left side of his body.

I repertorised these 3 Sx .  I saw Bryonia clearly was top in the numerical values and as such I was preparing a dose of LM potency to give…

However, given that numerical values are only an indication of the frequent presence of a symptom in a remedy and not an INTENSITY value,  I went back and looked at the patient again and noticed yet another symptom. The perspiration was not clear, it had a brown dirty colour to it on the skin. Discoloured perspiration is not in BRYONIA.

I gave CHINA LM 0/1. Within 4 hours the patient was recovering.

What do we learn from this case? I believe that accuracy in symptom gathering is the requirement of the day. Once gathered, it must be assessed SOLELY on the basis of the symptoms and repertorised ACCURATELY and without prejudice to what we THINK the remedy is. Where a physical SX exists it cannot be ignored if it is a result of the infection.


I cannot repertorize mental symptoms with the T.P.B!

This is a common complaint from people who move from Kents repertory to the stressed_tired_drTherapeutic Pocket Book.

In our advanced practitioner course, we spend time showing people the correct way to analyse a case and how to use ‘states’ that reflect the altered disposition of the patient, as opposed to personality symptoms that are not signs of pathology.

The patients original condition was vertigo which came on without obvious causation. It was treated with two remedies which removed 95% of the Vertigo and relieved other symptoms experienced. However and again for no observable reason, an internal anxiety arose and has become the focus of the problem. The patient said that the type of anxiety experienced was something observed before over 40 some years ago, but not troubled overmuch by these symptoms after that.

Briefly, here is a recently received patient note and the analysis of the same.

…..Started feeling a building up of uneasiness. It feels like coldness inside the body. Inside the arms and sometimes the abdomen chest and head. Then apprehensiveness that something isn’t right, something’s going to happen. It keeps on coming, I have to work to relax.  Then slight wooziness began which in turn increases the cold sensation.
At times the tingling in the buttocks as well (explained he felt the anxiety in his body and currently is in buttocks.)
Have to lie in the chair and concentrate on relaxing, which helps, but is very difficult it it gets too bad. My wife had to leave to do some errands, I would rather she had stayed, made me more nervous to have her gone.
It seems like this comes from the body coldness sensation first, then the apprehension with no definite thoughts, then wooziness, then everything seems to excite more nervousness.

So here we have a pathological ‘state’ combined with a vertigo. The anxiety is out of proportion and has also spread into any thought that he has where something has not gone correctly as it should have. For example: “….I bought too much meat at the market and now I have bag it and freeze it…aargh!”

Rather than get into the  minutiae of his words and try to do a psychological evaluation, I just looked at the expression of his ‘state’ and went to the repertory.

Firstly the symptoms are aggravated by vertigo. He is aggravated, vexed by little things and they produce an anxious state. He becomes restless and feels anxiety in the body. There is a sensation of coldness internally. He desires to not be alone and the presence of someone else is comforting.

This is the entire picture of the pathology experienced. I repertorised in this way.




He had already had Lycopodium which removed the vertigo symptoms, and a quick read of Arsenicum confirmed that this indeed was the remedy to give at this point.

….thanks Gary, I just took it. Seems to be relaxing. I’ll try to go back to bed if I can.


A case of Traumatic Hemarthrosis

wequarMr H. met with a motor vehicle accident while returning home from his office. Somebody took him to the nearby hospital, and they after dressing the wound suggested him to consult an orthopedic surgeon in the city. While he was waiting outside the surgeon’s cabin, he called me and asked for any scope in Homeopathy. I asked him to let the surgeon examine first to rule out any fracture. After a few hours he called me again and said that the surgeon has ruled out fracture, but there is a huge collection of blood inside the joint that must be removed with a syringe, hence hospital admission needed. I said if there is huge collection of blood, and then let the surgeon do his job first, and then later I can give medicines (It is also risky to take motor vehicle accident cases). But he was not ready for joint aspiration, so took a discharge from the hospital against medical advice.

After one hour, they knocked my door. I told the bystander that what he did was not the right way. Even the bystanders told me the same, but they had no other option as he was strongly forcing to leave the hospital. When I examined the knee joined, it was swollen and stiff, and patella tap test was positive showing the presence of blood in the knee joint capsule. He had severe pain along with extravasation of blood. Still, he was not bothered about the nature of injury, and said goodbye to the surgeon. Considering the available indications, I gave him Arnica 1M in water, to be taken every 30 minutes interval, along with one bottle of Placebo pills. I was not fully confident in this case as the absorption of blood from the joint capsule is not easy. Next day morning he informed me much improvement of swelling, pain and stiffness of joint. So, I asked him to stop the drops and use only the pills.

Today he visited my clinic and found the patella tap test negative. Unfortunately, there was no MRI taken before and after the treatment. Even there is no option to get an evaluation from the orthopedic surgeon as he was discharged against medical advice (Still I asked him to get at least the hospital bill). Such cases become more valid when we have documented evidences. Anyway, I am happy to see homeopathic medicines avoiding a surgical procedure. The real credit goes to that patient who trusted Homeopathy than the Homeopath who treated him .This case also gives me confidence to accept such cases.

Dr Muhammed Rafeeque
Kerala, India.


Problems after Cataract surgery.

eds momma2Eighty something year old woman, generally in good health and very active in her local community providing bread and cakes for folk.

Went in for Cataract surgery in both eyes. Post procedure, was suffering from dry eyes,  a ‘film’ of sticky mucus and obscured vision.

At the same time, an old problem had raised its head again. A diarrhea after eating bread or pancakes.

So the case was analysed: P & W 2015 edition of the Therapeutic Pocket book.

eds momma


The practitioner was really sure on each symptom he used for analysis.

eds momma1

After reading Pulsatilla, it was administered in water.

The results were within one day. The dryness cleared up, the sticky film disappeared and also the diarrhoea. The patient was advised to steer clear of wheat products.

The patient remains well 2 weeks later.

Practitioner: Ed Nunnery. Dhom med IHM. Sacremento California.



IHM Clinic Seville case. Herpes Zoster?

Patient, female, 10 years old presented with: Eruptions on body tentatively diagnosed as Herpes Zoster by hospital consultants.

homeopathy-2She has been infected for 3 or 4 days. Mother showed the onset of the problem which she thought was an insect bite. Was now 3 small red spots filled with dried blood on the right chest. Further eruptions had occurred on her right back and on her right arm.

3 clinic staff were present. Lilianne, Manuel and myself. We examined the patient and noted that the eruptions were vesicular in nature. They began as yellow spots. The skin was sensitive to a light touch. The patient had a slightly coated tongue. The patient complained that water did not just taste right but could not give a better explanation.

One other sx we uncovered was that she complained of a sensation that one of her head hairs felt like it was being pulled.

A full physical check was made and nothing else could be ascertained.

We repertorized on these SX:


The patients mother reported that the day after taking one dose of Phos 30c, that the eruptions had dried out and the patient felt much better…

The skin is now clear.

When a prescription does not work…

135-49433-cutebaby-1376348651It happened to us in the clinic the other day. 3 moderately competent homoeopaths. A 1.5 year old baby girl presented with Fever.

High fever, burning, no perspiration and thirstlessness…  I prescribed, Pulsatilla. Nothing changed. The next day, the parents took to the hospital for a check, and nothing found except fever. Manuel then prescribed Phos on the symptoms that had slowly added to the picture. Nothing…He then prescribed Sulphur, nothing.

He called me and on the slightly newer picture, I prescribed Arsenicum Album..Nothing.

I looked at the case again, and with the new symptoms, I wanted to give Mercurius. In the meantime, the father of the child, and the mother of the child and the baby sitter all came down with the same fever, but with the added SX of aching in the joints and a couple of other things. We noticed then that the baby made a whimpering noise when moving the arms or legs…Manuel prescribed Rhus Tox on the collective SX of what now appears to be an epidemic of this ailment, and now the baby is better.

That evening, I was called by a family member in England with her child having the same type of symptoms. I saw mercurius in her case, and even knowing that the general epidemic was RHUS TOX, I gave mercurius. The baby was better in 5 hours.

What can we learn from this case? When SX are in transition, there is but a small window to give the correct remedy. The Pulsatilla failed because the baby did not get the medicine for at least an hour after prescribing, and already the disease process had changed internally. The Phos and the Sulphur failed because again, the full SX had not been observed in the child.

In looking at hundreds of case histories from the archives of the masters, we can see this pattern time and time again. The State of the acute disease will only respond to the correct remedy at the correct time. Many times we have partial SXs and the remedy given is incorrect for that reason. Be prepared to chase the SXs until a remedy works.

So why did the mercurius work in the same illness in the UK? I think perhaps because I caught it in the right state for Mercurius…. A while later it would have been Rhus Tox.


Quick Acute onset.

Got a couple of phone calls last night from mothers with children issues. Both were resolved.

The one case of interest was from a mother who always had difficulty in treating her son once a fever developed. She called with the following symptoms that he expressed.


The tongue is red on the tip and around the edges. He has a white coating on the back of the surface of the tongue.

Le duele la garganta, la tiene roja, la faringe con los foliculos rojos en la pared posterior. The pharynx is red and the throat is sore.

There is no noticable change in his disposition, His face is slightly pale and a slight warmth to the touch of his skin. I asked her to look at his eyes. She said that they looked normal.. We talked a little more, then I asked her to look again at his eyes. She said they now looked brillantes, bright and shiny, more than normal.

I prescribed Belladonna 30c in water as she had that in the house. She gave one dose and then put the boy in the shower. After the shower she gave another dose and he went straight to sleep. His temperature was 37.5.

She said he awoke at 3 am and wanted to sleep in her bed. There was no fever and he was a lot better…

These acutes that come on suddenly and for no reason can be treated quickly and successfully if all the basic signs are observed. Pulsatilla came up in the repertorising,  but I know that Puls does not have in general the redness of the tongue tip or sides. Note too that the absence of a change in the mental state does not preclude an accurate prescription to be made. Take only symptoms that have changed.