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Symptoms and all that.

So aphorism 6 is the bedrock of detailing how symptoms expressed by the organism in disease, both mental and physical, are the totality of disease. Wonderful, we have the complete picture of the disease now.

Yet, and in truth… it doesn’t really help except where an application of common sense and thought process is applied to the knowledge.

Here is the rub. Most homoeopaths just throw symptoms into the repertory, lots of them and gives what comes up top.

185309103Not so fast you prescribers, not so fast.

Aphorism 153 details what we do with the picture of the disease.

the more striking, singular, uncommon and peculiar (characteristic) signs and symptoms of the case of disease are chiefly and most solely to be kept in view; for it is more particularly these that very similar ones in the list of symptoms of the selected medicine must correspond to, in order to constitute it the most suitable for effecting the cure.

The more general and undefined symptoms: loss of appetite, headache, debility, restless sleep, discomfort, and so forth, demand but little attention when of that vague and indefinite character, if they cannot be more accurately described, as symptoms of such a general nature are observed in almost every disease and from almost every drug.

This is finding the essential nature of the disease from which all other symptoms spring, and thus can be ignored.

We teach this in the course with case examples. Many case examples.

As the world turns


Picked up a couple of family members at the Station and went around to the house. I think when the family came in and I was there, the ‘patient’ knew something was amiss. We sat and talked and I explained the situation carefully and as thoroughly as I could. I laid out the options for treatment and I gave my recommendations and actions to take. We arranged to meet in my clinic in the morning to discuss the choice made.

Ive done this lots of times, talk to people I mean, telling them that their life expectancy is suspect or at worse, shortened within a recognised time frame. It was a little different this visit, looking at the face of a 30 year old adult that I recall as baby and then a toddler and then through the years. It always is a wrenching feeling to be the giver of bad news, and yet with this child/woman there was none of the quiet deep desperation I usually am swamped by, just an overwhelming feeling of love and care and gratitude for having her in my life no matter how long or short. This kid aint being let go so easily.

I see in the eyes, that acceptance was already setting in. The patient had not felt on top form for a while.

I was asked one question, “Are you sure?” the only question needed to move to the next step.

Never one to feel sorry for herself, always a practical person, and closest to me in temperament, the thoughts turned to the children and partner and what needed to be done for them. I left the family to discuss things.

Reflecting on life, there are many things that we do as teenagers that are downright stupid. Some have repercussions later in life, and I rather suspect that this is a contributory factor in this case.

Well- I hear no fat women singing and thus the fight is on. Im pretty good at my job~ now I have to become very amazing.

Mental symptoms and Boenninghausen.

One of the most common criticisms levelled against the therapeutic pocket book, is that it has few mental symptoms to use. This is an erroneous viewpoint based on a lack of knowledge of how to use the therapeutic pocket book, or indeed how to combine symptoms for an accurate and reliable pointer towards remedies that contain the ability to cause similar symptoms as experienced by the patient. It takes a little time working with an experienced TPB prescriber, to understand Hahnemann’s thinking in the methodology that Boenninghausen put together.

I present the notes of an acute case received early this morning before clinic, from a patient who has suffered chronic gout for over 20 years with heavy medication and walking difficulties, who was treated by the I.H.M. Clinic for over two years and removed his gout symptoms. He is now able to have a complete life, pain-free and can walk without aid. Where the gout has cause physical damage over the years, homoeopathy is unable to repair that damage, but in the main the problem is 99% fixed. Occasionally due to external influences, issues can arise in an acute form, such as this issue.

Yesterday a.m. I noticed a slight pain in the outside of my right ankle joint. I have these often from walking up the stairs extra times, or standing up a lot.

Around 10 am I was on the phone canceling a website that my late friend and I had for years that was about our music business.
Unexpectedly, after I got off the phone I had the most intense feeing of physical sadness well up like I would burst out sobbing or blow up with grief. It went on and got worse as the day went on.

I felt a little better after lunch, but not much. 

The pain in the ankle increased over the day. Later when getting the mail I noticed I got a Jury Duty summons, the first in 4 years! Last time I had to go downtown, I was humiliated and hounded for 2 days by the judge and the lawyers in front of a hundred people. Really feeling as low as I can remember for long while,I had 2 beers and a shot of bourbon in water over the next 3 hrs.I felt so hopeless, sad and angry about my dead friend and putting the site to rest, and thinking about the jury service.

I had to take a tylenol at 10:30 last night. Just before taking it, the pain started to be a twitching pain that made the leg  twitch with a slight spasm, and that same feeling of wanting to  move it to a slightly different position every few moments. Like when I recently had sciatica-like pain. When the tylenol hit that backed the twitching off. Some slight swelling, painful to touch, pain is a 4 to 5, 0-10. I can tell it would be bad without the drug. It hurts more on first standing on it then better after walking. Some constant pain. A little warm to touch too. Some slight pain in the big toe joint.

At first glance a number of remedies spring to mind. However careful analysis of the prescribing symptoms with an eye on the disease of gout as presented as an acute flareup due to external causes will isolate the remedy required for this problem.

Firstly we note the primary ALTERED shift in the mental state. There is an intense grief and sadness resulting from the death of a lifelong friend, that perhaps was not faced or dealt with at the time of the actual death. The actual reasoning or rationalising of the inability to cope with his friends passing would enter the realms of speculation and not necessary for ascertaining the state for prescribing. What we do know is the new altered state exists. From this state some physical symptoms appeared in co presentation.

So without speculation, the first symptom chosen is 2329  in the P and W 2015 edition of Boenninghausen’s therapeutic pocketbook. The rubric reads:

Aggravation, influences on mind and emotion, grief (sadness and sorrow).

27 remedies listed. Rather than being a ‘single’ specific symptom, the rubric delineates a STATE of being with a causation of generalised sadness from its input.

Keeping an eye on the nature of the pain and its pathology, we used:

#889 Sensations generalities, Gout like joint pains. 117 remedies.

Looking at what aggravated the condition we noted:

#2366 agg: Alcoholic drinks. 40 remedies.

And finally we noted that changing the position frequently ameliorated the condition temporarily.

#2855 Position change of. 7 remedies.

With all the observed factors in place, a comparison was made between Ignatia and Arsenicum. Ignatia was prescribed. (click on image to enlarge)


Experience in these cases would indicate that later this picture may turn to Rhus Tox, but as with all things, we let the symptoms be the guide.

Follow up to hip pain case of the week.


So I spoke to the patient the following evening to ascertain the effect of taking the remedy. The patient told me that the pain in the hip had subsided and and that pain had appeared in his knee and big toe. As the day had progress the pain eased considerably. He had repeated the medicine in the morning.

He informed me that four days previously he had been in a similar incident travelling in the vehicle where the brakes were applied hard. He said he felt he had something similar to minor whiplash, but that passed off after a few hours. In rating the pain he was currently experiencing it was put at about 80% better. I asked the patient to to run a couple of tests on himself, and receiving the information I recommended that he saw his chiropractor as soon as possible to do an adjustment on his lower lumbar region as I diagnosed it as a sciatic impairment.

Even though the patient had a maintaining cause, the ability of the medicine to relieve the pain was evident to see. I fully expect the patient to recover within a few days after adjustment to the maximum possible.

Answer to Back pain Patient Prescription.

The repertory used for analysis was the 2015 P & W Edition of the Therapeutic Pocket Book (original 1846 release) by Boenninghausen.

A health issue at the Seville Seminar

It happened to me. After a lot of flights and walking in new shoes, I experienced first a slight pain in the joint of my left big toe. The night before the Seminar began, it exploded in pain and burning and sharpness. I had no remedies with me.

I did not sleep that night. At the seminar I quickly repertorised it and then went to the Iberhome display desk and asked for Mercurius. They had a vial of 9c of which I put one globule in water, stirred, waited a couple of minutes and then took a teaspoonful. Within minutes, the pain began to subside. I repeated the dose at lunchtime. during the Semiinar, I took  maybe 4 doses. The improvement was 80%

Monday evening, all of a sudden, the foot swelled a little, tight skin, red, shiny and the pain returned to a much lesser degree, but was there. I was meeting Antonio Ortega (The dr who translated for me) and his wife for dinner that evening and requested he bring me Belladonna and which I took immediately on receiving it. I awoke this morning with no swelling, slight soreness in the joint and feeling much better. I have another dose to repeat if required.

Is it gout? I dont know. I do know that the symptoms experienced could have been gout or an inflammation  of the joint by new shoe compression. Either way, the symptoms were met by the two remedies involved.

Iberhome medicines are prepared under strict manufacturing conditions. When I visited several months ago,  I was impressed with the protocols in place for medicine preparations. They are a licenced laboratory and as such prepare a medicine from scratch in isolation rooms with air flow control and sealed containment entry and exits.

Both medicines I took acted immediately on my condition. We only have two things to rely on for a curative action, one is the accuracy of the prescription and the other is the quality of the medicines.

Iberhome certainly took care of one of the necessities.




Wm. T., aged 23 occupation clerk, consulted me, complaining of an impairment of speech, which had lasted seventeen years. No cause could be learned, although his mother and others had been interviewed.

The case as taken presented the following :
February 16. Mentally he is weak indifferent for the most part, with times of irritation and petulance. Aphonia < between 4 and 5 P. M., at which time the voice is the merest whisper ; < in hot weather ; < in winter, > by expectoration of a lump of black mucus. Three and a half years ago he had typhoid fever under allopathic treatment, since which time he is “nervous” with trembling of both arms. This is quite independent of whether or not he works.
Voice lost in the evening, Brom., Carb. v., Phos.
< in winter, Carb. veg., phos.
< in wet weather, carb. v., Phos.
< 4 and 5 P. M., Carb. v.
Indifferent, apathetic mentally, Carb. v., Phos.
> by expectoration of black mucus disregarded, as this is Pittsburgh.
February 18. Gave Carbo veg. 1 m. single dose.
February 25. Improving, has some voice P. M., S. L.
March 27. Improvement continued until a week ago. Repeated Carbo veg., this time 40m.
April 25. Practically well. Thinks it is wonderful since time and money had been spent.

Rheumatism and Venereal Infection


I was called to see a man with rheumatism. He had been confined to his bed and arm chair for many months, and had suffered greatly from the disease and many doctors. Had not tried homœopathy, for there was “nothing in it.” I found joints swollen (hands, feet, knees, body). The affection had continued all the time to move from joint to joint since he was attacked.

Heat did not > but <.
Tongue coated white, poor appetite, no thirst.
Very greatly discouraged, depressed.
Temperament, fair ; mild disposition.

There were other symptoms, but these were leading. He received Pulsatilla c. m. (Fincke). He improved promptly, but in a few days sent for me. He showed me a discharge from the urethra that looked gonorrhœal in character. That was in the days of long ago, when we did not know so much about bacteriology. He said that his wife had given it to him, for he had, as everybody knew, not been able to get away from home. The wife indignantly denied the imputation. Both looked to me for a solution of the mystery. I said to him – did you ever have clap before ?

He hesitated under the scrutiny of the flashing eyes of his wife. Then said : Yes, I did when I was a young man, before I was married. I said your rheumatism is improving since this discharge appeared. Yes. How were you cured of the clap ? By an injection. Well, then, I said neither you nor your wife are guilty of inconstancy toward each other. This rheumatism from which you are now suffering is the result of that suppressed gonorrhœa of twenty years ago, and you will get well of both under the action of appropriate medication. But no more local injections, please. He recovered rapidly. I have seen other cases similar from such suppressions and am careful not to resort to them. I did not know of the history of gonorrhœa in the case, but treated it on the symptomatic indications. (Nash.)

Sinus abscess

In the month of February, 1906, I was requested by a noted specialist to see a case in consultation of frontal sinus abscess. He said that he had operated on it, but the sore would not heal, and hoped that something might be done to promote the healing process.

Mrs. A. J. L., age 61 years, spare, dark olive-brown complexion, sallow. Abscess of frontal sinus ; has been operated. Nodes or swellings in periosteum (knees, shin and clavicle), small joints enlarged. These swellings are painful, sensitive and very hot to touch. Has taken much Mercury. Bowels very constipated ; little black balls like sheep dung. Oppressive choking sensation, wants to take a long breath frequently. Weeps much ; is very melancholy ; thinks she ought to die and get out of the way, is no good and never will be.
Taking into account these things, first, chronic poisoning with mercury ; second, the location of the caries (nasofrontal) ; third, the depression of mind, we advised Aurum met., six powders of the 200th (B. & T.) to be taken dry on the tongue one week apart. The following letter will show the results :

E. B. NASH, M. D.
My dear Doctor : I am Dr. P—–‘s frontal sinus patient that you visited at the Ophthalmic Hospital in New York in February. For eighteen months the left frontal sinus had been open, and every other day was treated. What I suffered words cannot tell. That tube had to be taken out and replaced, and I could not take cocaine or anæsthetics, so I had to just grin and bear it ; but the tissue would not form ; the wound would not heal. In January I again went to both Dr. P—– and Dr. M—– ; told me there was no hope for me unless I submitted to a dreadful operation that would disfigure me for life. This I refused, and when you came to see me I was in the depths of despair. You prescribed, and now, in six weeks, the sinus is filled up, the wound is healed, and to-day I am without a patch. I have only taken six powders. It seems a miracle to me. I had given up hope. I am not nearly so nervous ; have only had two nightmares since taking the medicine (and I used to waken the house-hold every few nights.). My constipation is better, but not what it should be. The little black sheep marbles have disappeared ; the discharge is now light colored, slender, choppy or broken off looking ; not every day. Every little exertion makes me break out in profuse perspiration, but I am stronger than I was when you saw me, and I believe if you could take me in hand I might be a good deal better.

Sincerely Yours,
Mrs. F. H. L.

This case is interesting in all ways, but I wish to call attention particularly to the potency used. So many think that gold and the other metals cannot be potentized above demonstrable divisibility of matter. I shall have occasion to show differently in my report of cases further on (Nash.)

The proper use of ‘Key notes’ i.e. the main Prescribing symptom.


Cases From E.B. Nash

Florence Johnson, a young woman, had been afflicted a long time with chronic gastritis. She was unable to take ordinary food without great burning and distress in her stomach. This condition of stomach was relieved when she had eczema of both ears, which was intensely painful and burning. She would sometimes succeed in healing the ears, but in proportion as she succeeded in that the stomach symptoms returned. Then she would get very poor in flesh. I had given her Sulphur and Graphites without perceptible benefit and also Arsenicum 30 and 200. Finally I concluded to try the Arsenicum higher. Gave her Arsenicum 37m., made on my own potentizer, and the effect was wonderful. The whole trouble promptly yielded, and she had no trouble since now several years. I forgot to say that she also had scalp trouble of a similar nature with that of the ears, which also subsided. (Nash.)