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Hong Kong Seminar.

The IHM was invited to Hong Kong to have a four day Seminar with the Hong Kong Academy of Homoeopathy.

We had 4 days of intensive study together. A lot of case work, analysis, a couple of live cases and discussions on the use of LM medicines, both preparation and how to use following the protocols of the Paris notebooks of Hahnemann. We discussed Miasms and their influence today in illness, and a whole host of other subjects.

Considering that the students were relative newcomers to homoeopathy, it was interesting to see how from day one to day four, their abilities to focus on a case and look for correct symptoms increased dramatically as they applied the Hahnemannian protocols. We had three senior doctors from Bangkok join us for the seminar. A pleasure to see them.


Teaching courses.

One of the reasons you have not heard from us for a while is that we have been busy with sorting out our teaching courses.

Seville Spain Seminars with the IHM.


Conducted in English, with Spanish translation if required, we have set aside Thursday to Sunday inclusive every week for a 4 day training Seminar. We offer to medical and non medical practitioners, a stimulating intensive background to Hahnemanns requirements for homoeopathy using the Therapeutic Pocket book to analyse cases quickly adhering to all the protocols to ensure an accurate prescription. The course is arranged so that the learning is incremental from the historical nature of the therapy viewed through many cases, to understanding the correct viewpoint regarding Miasms, potencies, Using the Therapeutic Pocket book and working with LM or Q medicines.

We offer a huge discount on the SYNOPSIS software to students.

The IHM will offer membership of the Register to suitable course attendees subject to approval by the officers of the IHM.


  • 4 days intensive training at our Seville North Clinic.
  • All refreshments and meals during the day attendance.
  • Free Book version of the Repertory.
  • Input from officers of the IHM and Materia Medica discussions with Vera Resnick.

We prefer a minimum of 2 students per seminar.

The cost per student:

  • Solo student. €1000.
  • 2 Students, €900 each.
  • 3 Students €850 each
  • 4 to 6 €800 each.
  • 7 or more €700 each.

A €120 non returnable deposit will be asked via PAYPAL, and the balance paid in cash at the Seminar.

Our teaching room will hold 10 comfortably, with A/C and heating. Coffee, Tea, soft drinks and snacks available at all times, with our restaurant next door for meals and Spanish Tapas.

Flights from Europe direct to Seville are cheap. International flights go to Madrid, where a direct Madrid-Seville train operates.

We can advise regarding hotels and transport. One hotel is door to door bus service, and the other is a 10 minute walk from the clinic. 

Seville is a beautiful city with much to see. Some students arrange a family holiday and come for the seminar and then spend time exploring and visiting other cities in the region.




Contact us at:



Course attendee.

I did a one month course with Gary Weaver in 2011. Via SKYPE as I was on vacation in Texas at the time and with a 7 day mentor one on one training at his clinic in Florida. Was it worth it?

There are some things that change life attitudes and understanding of medical practice and this was one of them. As a physician then based in Asia. I had studied homoeopathy via the teachings of George Vithoulkas and Rajan Sankaran. There was confusion and conflict in my casetaking and doubt as to the effectiveness of homoeopathic medicine as many of my patients, most of my patients were not getting better. It was actually a friend of mine who had been successfully treated by Gary that recommended me to talk with him as he knew I was considering dropping homoeopathy from my practice.

A short time later, my son developed a high fever with complications, I could not do anything and the hospital could not do much. I contacted Gary Weaver. He listened to the symptoms and said to give Belladonna in LM 1 potency, one dose for 3 times in the day. On the final dose, my sons fever was decreasing and all his vitals were returning to normal.

I needed to know why a prescription could be made over the phone and be accurate without a deep investigation into the psyche of the patient so I asked if he would teach me in the remaining vacation time I had in the States. We began a 2 hour SKYPE session every 3 days for 3 weeks. In that time I learned to read the Organon as a medical practitioner and saw it was not dull or dry or full of spiritual subliminal meaning. I read Chronic Diseases for the first time and saw the reality of what Hahnemann’s model was, and how even today is still valid in modern medicine. I learned how to examine a patient to extract the individual disease symptoms from the infection and how to isolate the key expressions of disease in order to make a prescription.

My husband and I and my son went to Florida for a week so I could learn in the clinic. Gary let me sit in with patients and listen to SKYPE consults and gave me lots and lots of room to practice each case. I was introduced to the Therapeutic Pocket Book and was shown how to use it. It is my main source of reference today.

At no time did I get the sense of learning “Garys method”. Their was a continual attribution to Hahnemann via referenced writings and time spent examining concepts in conjunction with other writings to corroborate each understanding.

I am saddened that this method of teaching is not in every school and college and seat of learning of homoeopathy today. So much that is taught is incorrect and misleading. My career is now homoeopathy only and my patients are actually getting cured as opposed to managed.

CW. Italy.

Seville Spain Seminar.

Seville Case-taking Workshop. December 5-6-7. English and Spanish.

Seville intensive workshop.

Location: Sevilla Spain.
When: December 5-6-7
Duration: 3 days
Cost: €250 up to November 15th. After that date will be €300
Contact: Dr. Antonio Gil  0034 619956365,  
Dr. Ricardo Barcenas.  Email:

Open to: Homoeopathic Practitioners with a medical degree
Language: will be English with Spanish translation.

I.H.M. Updates and the Spanish Segment of the Course.


As of October the 1st 2015.

The blog for the Institute can be found at:

The I.H.M. founded in 1986, continues its mandate of Research and teaching of Hahnemannian Homoeopathic Medicine from original resources.

All communications for the P&W computer repertory program are now handled via

Sales enquiries will be forwarded to your local agent. You can discuss with them personally  and receive any discounts that are available.

Officers of the I.H.M. are:


We have had to close our representation and presence in Mexico.

Dr Guillermo Zamora is no longer associated with I.H.M. International and the I.H.M. Mexico company  licence has been rescinded.  Please direct all correspondence regarding the P&W computer program to where we will be pleased to assist you with your queries.

Once we have established a new agent in Mexico, we will place details on our Website.

Due to the closure and removal of the Mexican branch, we have found ourselves without Spanish tutors who are trained sufficiently in the methodology to help us present the modules in the Spanish language. We therefore have to cancel the Spanish course until we are in a position to offer full tutor help in Espanol.

If anyone is offered a place on a course in Spanish with links to the I.H.M. please check with us to see if it is a validated or affiliated teaching program we offer.

A great bunch of people

I.H.M. Seminar in Saragoza Spain 2014.

Sevilla Seminar

Delegates from Seville and surrounding areas, along with Drs from The Canary Islands spent 2 days discussing Hahnemanns view of homoeopathy and also the works ofBoenninghausen.

14 cases were presented in video and powerpoint to demonstrate Hahnemanns approach to disease according to the Organon directions. All medicines used to be of benefit were found with the aid of the Therapeutic Pocket Book by Boenninghausen 2015 edition by P&W.

Attention was paid to the case taking methodology in diseases of varying depths of pathology, and the importance of assessing the cases using the right symptoms for prescribing. We discussed the absolute importance of prescribing on altered disease symptoms and not personality.

Discussions were held regarding miasms and the understanding of Hahnemanns words were clarified.

A Great Seminar altogether.

Thanks to Antonio Ortega for his friendship and translation for the group.


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Seville Spain Seminar October 24/25 in English and Spanish

Hahnemann y Boenninghausen: volviendo a las fuentes

     (cómo manejar el repertorio de Boenninghausen para una práctica exitosa)

Dr.Gary Weaver

   SEVILLA, 24-25 OCTUBRE 2014





Real e Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Médicos de Sevilla

Avda. de la Borbolla nº 47- Sevilla


          Viernes:    mañana:            9 -14 horas        tarde: 16-20 horas

          Sábado:    mañana: 9-14 horas       tarde:16-20 horas


Miembros de la AMHA: 200 euros

         Miembros FEMH, AMHB, SEMH, SEVH: 225 euros

  Resto de inscripciones: 250 euros


Dr.Ricardo Bárcena Gómez.

  Tfno: 695 640 859


¿SABÍAS QUE el método de repertorización de Boenninghausen, anterior al de Kent, fue usado por el propio Hahnemann?  En su obra principal, el Órganon, hace referencia a él en la nota al parágrafo 153: “El Dr. Von Boenninghausen ha prestado un gran servicio a la Homeopatía con la publicación de los síntomas característicos de los medicamentos homeopáticos y su Repertorio, lo mismo que el Dr. J.H.G. Jahr con su manual de síntomas principales.

 El  Manual  terapéutico para médicos  homeópatas  de  Boenninghausen  era  el  repertorio más usado a finales del siglo XIX, pero fue cayendo en desuso a raíz de la popularidad del repertorio de Kent, aunque el mismo Kent reconoce haberlo usado. En la actualidad existe un movimiento de recuperación del interés por el antiguo repertorio de Boenninghausen.

El Dr. Gary Weaver ha investigado desde hace un buen número de años con ímpetu y tesón las fuentes originales,  y  ha  llegado a  comprobar  en  su  práctica clínica  la  eficacia  del  método Hahnemanniano mediante la toma del caso, análisis de unas cuantas rúbricas, consulta directa a MMP y EC, prescripción y seguimiento. Todos estos temas serán revisados a profundidad por el

Dr. Weaver.

 Currículum Dr. Gary Weaver:

Empezó a estudiar Homeopatía mientras estudiaba la carrera de Medicina en 1979, en Inglaterra y en la India.

En 1987, fue uno de los fundadores del Manchester College of Classical Homoeopathy.

En 1989, el fundador del Leeds College of Classical Homoeopathy.

En 1990, fundó el Institute for Homoeopathic Medicine en Dublín (Irlanda).

En 1990, inauguró la Kuopio Homoeopathic Association Education and Research (HERA) en Finlandia.

1996: realizó formación homeopática de comadronas registradas en Tullamore (Irlanda).

2003-2007: investigación en los documentos originales de Hahnemann y Boenninghausen.

Desde 2007: codirector del grupo de investigación P & W, desarrollando el programa repertorial


Instructor para el uso clínico del Repertorio de Boenninghausen.

2011: enseñanza de grupos independientes de homeópatas en el Reino Unido y en Mallorca.

Ha dado conferencias en Finlandia, Australia, Alemania, Inglaterra, Irlanda, Mallorca, India,

Noruega y otros países.

2013: primer seminario español organizado por el Dr. Isidre Lara en Palma de Mallorca.

2014: seminario español organizado por la Sociedad Científica de Homeopatía de Aragón, en Zaragoz


                   Introducción al Repertorio de Boenninghausen.

                   Explicación de su desarrollo y metodología.

                   Análisis detallado del modelo de toma del caso de Hahnemann.

                   Uso del repertorio en casos agudos.

                   Uso del repertorio en casos crónicos.

                   Una ojeada a los Miasmas y su influencia en la prescripción.

                   Cómo y cuándo cambiar una prescripción.

                   Análisis de las potencias a utilizar en diversas enfermedades.


 Ingreso en c.c.  ES 94 2100 8441 96 2200225002, La Caixa – Sevilla  indicando SEMINARIO

BOENNINGHAUSEN y el nombre , apellidos, nº colegiado del participante y asociación a la que pertenece.

                 Enviar el resguardo del pago del seminario a: asociació

Seville Seminar Spain 24th-25th October.

The Seminar will be in English and translated into Spanish.!seville/c1u0q

Lots of cases to demonstrate the methodology of Hahnemann. We will be taking a look at the reasons for choosing rubrics and why and how an eye must solely be kept on the few characteristic symptoms expressed in a case of disease.