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Is an allopathic qualification essential to being a good homoeopathic practitioner?










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Dear Colleagues.

Is an allopathic qualification essential to being a good homoeopathic practitioner?

After much discussion ~ and based on the reality that most allopathically trained physicians do NOT have a good grasp on the correct practice of homoeopathy, we at the IHM have concluded that it is not, and moreover, that bridging the gap between medical and non-medical homoeopaths is an integral part of the therapy’s future.

To this end, we have decided on the following:

  • We aim to strengthen the IHM’s presence worldwide, and especially in Spain where its headquarters are currently located, by continuing as an independent homoeopathic research and teaching association offering international seminars, practitioner training and master classes. We have presented Seminars since 1987 and formed 5 teaching colleges.
  • To offer IHM membership to medical and non-medical practitioners, according to IHM’s membership requirements, which will endorse a practitioner as a well trained specialist in homoeopathic medicine regardless of allopathic qualifications. We only teach the therapy as per the Organon and do not overlay the writings of Kent or any modern thinking regarding what homoeopathy is.

The IHM Association will comprise of

  • Support members. (Non practitioners.)
  • Student Homoeopaths
  • H.M licentiate Homoeopaths (medical and non medical)

Only Licentiate Practitioners, those who have trained with the IHM and have passed the requisite entry requirements for endorsement, will be promoted on the IHM’s official register.

What we offer:

Based on the writings and thoughts of Samuel Hahnemann,

 “…I have decided to open here in Leipsic, at the beginning of April, an Institute for Graduated Physicians. In this Institute I shall elucidate in every respect the entire homoeopathic system of healing as taught in the “Organon,” and shall make a practical application of it with patients treated in their presence, and thus place my pupils in a condition to be able to practise this system in all cases themselves. A six months’ course will be sufficient to enable any intelligent mind to grasp the principles of this most helpful science of healing. More detailed conditions will be sent on receipt of a prepaid envelope. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.Leipsic. 4th December, 1811.”

We took a look at the procedure to train persons to become a homoeopathic physician. Knowing that most people cannot take a 6 months sabbatical (as per Hahnemanns proposal) we have devised a method of seminar attendance and home study that spans one year. This will include:

Details pertaining to the professional one year training course. Leading to Licenciateship with the IHM

  • An initial 4 day intensive training session at our Seville Spain faculty. This training is for both neophytes and practicing consultants.
  • A further period of guided home study.Online discussions.Another day 5 training session in our Seville faculty with emphasis on case management.
  • A final assessment by the IHM officers and moderators as to readiness to be placed on the IHM register as a licentiate of the Institute.

(If in the opinion of the training officers, if is thought that a practitioner is of sufficient knowledge and expertise and practices according to Hahnemanns methods, the IHM will consider awarding a licentiateship after the primary one week training.)

What we cover in the 4 day intensive.

  • A thorough grounding in Hahnemanns methodology and teachings.
  • You will see through case analysis how his method of understanding the disease state is superior to any other and allows for an accurate case management program.
  • You will see what a ‘miasm’ is and how to take it into account if required.
  • You will learn LM or Q potencies and how to use them.
  • You will learn rubric understanding of the Therapeutic Pocket Book and see its superiority in case analysis.
  • You will have more success in your practice utilizing Hahnemanns directions.

The languages used for teaching are English or Spanish.

(For those in South America, we also have a IHM teaching course in operation:

For those in Asia, we have a course for beginners based in Hong kong.

For those in Israel we have a practitioner training. Contact vera.homeopath@gmail . com

We will consider traveling to a location and conducting the teaching on site for 6 or more students for the 4 day intensive. Contact us to discuss.

We also conduct 2 day seminars in Spain. Contact us to discuss.

The IHM uses primary source materials for all of its teachings. Gary Weaver and Vladimir Polony compiled the SYNOPSIS computer program and spent 3 years working on updating the 1846 Therapeutic Pocket Book by Boenninghausen, to correct errors of insertion, gradings and removing the incorrect additions by Allen. P & W also clarified the outdated English language and revised the terminology yet remained true to the original meaning. The repertory has been translated from the original German (included in the program) to English, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew and Polish. More languages will be added as and when.

The officers of the IHM are also the teachers.

Manuel Gutiérrez Ontiveros

Licenciado en Medicina por la Universidad de Sevilla, año 1983

Formación en Homeopatía

Estudios en Homeopatía de México

Máster en Homeoptía por la Universidad de Sevilla

Cursos de especialización en Homeopatía con diversos profesores internacionales

Ejercicio en Homeopatía desde el año 1983


Consulta: Barriada los Príncipes Parcela 7 Bloque 8, Sevilla

Tlf 606 207 345



Antonio Gil Ortega

Licenciado en Medicina por la Universidad de Sevilla en 1982

Formacion en Homeopatia en Mexico D.F. en 1984-85 por el IMHAC

Formación continuada en Homeopatia por diferentes Profesores Internacionales reconocidos.

Acreditación en Medicina Homeopatica por el Real e Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Médicos de Sevilla

Ejercicio Clínico-Homeopatico desde 1983

Consulta: C/ Guadalupe, 5, 1ºB, Sevilla

Tfno.: 619956365




Ed Nunnery

Dhom med (Lic) IHM Licencia de Homeopatia Institute for Homoeopathic Medicina U.S.A. 2010.

Degree in Art.

Degree in Music Theory.

Studied Homoeopathy in the Vithoulkas method 1988.

Studied and practiced the Andre Saine method for 8 years.

Trained with the Institute for Homoeopathic Medicine for 4 years.

Semi retired private Practice in Pasadena California. Works for the I.H.M. Administration.



Vera Resnick. Dhom med (Lic) IHM.
BA International Relations, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel 1986
Qualified from Madicin, Tel Aviv, Israel (Homoeopathy) in 2004
Post Graduate studies with David Little 2004-2006
Advanced Clinical Studies with the IHM 2010-
Clinic: 43 Emek Refaim, Jerusalem, Israel
phone: 972-54-4640736
SKYPE available.

English and Hebrew speaker.


Dr. Gary Weaver D.O., Dhommed I.H.M., H.A.Delhi., M.C.C.H (England), H.B.C.C. (India)., Dgrad H.I.Sydney.Dr. Weaver began his studies in Homoeopathy in 1979 training in England and India. In 1987 he became the co-founder of the Manchester College of Classical Homoeopathy and in 1989 founded the Leeds College of Classical Homoeopathy. In 1990 he founded the Institute for Homoeopathic Medicine in Dublin Ireland. In 1990 he opened the Kuopio Homoeopathic Education and Research Association in Finland. From 2003-2007 he conducted research into the original repertory of Boenninhausen, and is co- director of OpenRep SYNOPSIS the specialist Boenninghausen software.  Gary Weaver has presented seminars in Australia, India, Hong Kong, Finland Spain and England.


Guillermo Zamora.
Médico Cirujano UAG., Dhom med (Lic) IHM
Clinic: Pino Suarez 464 ext. 2 Zamora Michoacán, México
Skype: dr.guillermo.zamora
Cel: 351-134-7331
Spanish and English spoken





Overseas Seminar season begins

The IHM begins its 2018 seminar season in Hong Kong. A four day intense at the Hong Kong academy of Homoeopathy starting March 10th.

The Principal of the Academy, Arden Wong, attended an intensive in Seville Spain to learn more regarding the use and application of the Therapeutic Pocket Book a year ago and invited me to the college to teach his students. The IHM was impressed with the knowledge and application of Homoeopathy in practice of Arden, so much so that he was awarded a licentiateship of the Institute after completion of the course.

We are looking forward to association with the students and also Drs and practitioners from other countries who are attending.






Post graduate course in English in Seville.


Any 4 day consecutive period from 26th April to 14th of May 2017.  We offer this because of flight scheduling. So for example, if you have a good price on a flight on Friday 28th of April, we can start the course on Saturday 29th for 4 days.

(We also have affiliate courses being conducted in: Israel: IHM Israel  and in Mexico: IHM Mexico)

largeletterheadMaster-class P.T.P. (Personalised training program) for Practitioners).

The IHM is an organization dedicated to research and dissemination of accurate Hahnemannian knowledge regarding homoeopathy. We teach from the sources and hold no affinity to modern methods of practice or thinking.

We believe that homoeopathy is a branch of medicine based on the law of similars which is the best method for curing sickness. For a person willing to apply themselves to the learning of the principles and methodology of the practice, we believe (if it taught correctly) it can be learned in 6 to 12 months. This does not include other medical subjects like anatomy and physiology.

It is our experience that a practitioner who has learned the accurate knowledge of the medical practice as defined and proven by Hahnemann, is a practitioner that has surety in his ability to follow the principles and directives that will lead to success in his or her prescribing.

A Prescriber utilising the Boenninghausen developed methodology, based on Hahnemanns logic and thinking, will have a far greater understanding of the remedies and application of and what they are capable of and be able to manage the case through to a successful conclusion.

There has been no beneficial advances made in recent years to enhance the logical and accurate methodology as defined by Hahnemann. The reverse sadly is true.










An IHM trained clinician usually is able to collect the required data for analysis in less than one hour, and extract the essential prescribing symptoms quickly.

To this end, we offer the following.

A  four day intensive course for an individual or small group, in a training environment for the learning of Hahnemannian homoeopathy.

Q. Where is the location?

Seville (Spain) .

Q.What Language is the course in?

Primarily English but with Spanish speaking translation if required.

antonio clinic

Q. What will I learn?

Our course is based around all the writings of Hahnemann.

Therefore we will:

  • overview the Organon, The Chronic Diseases, and selected writings.
  • We will then focus on select areas pertaining to casetaking,
  • case management,
  • how to select prescribing symptoms,
  • how to use LM potencies and centesimal potencies,
  • when to stop medicating, when to change potency or change the prescription,
  • How to know when to change the remedy and why.
  • The differences between Chronic and acute prescribing,
  • Miasms,
  • how to read and understand remedy provings.
  • How to use the Therapeutic Pocket book.
  • How to select rubrics from patients language.
  • How to compile a complete symptom that accurately represents the patients complaint.
  • And much more.

Q. Who is the course open to?

Persons who wish to learn the method of practice of Hahnemann and Boenninghausen.

Q. Do I have to be be medically qualified?


Q. Do I need to be a practitioner?

No. The course has been designed to teach both practitioners and those with some basic knowledge. For the practitioner, it will be more difficult as they will have to “unlearn” a lot of incorrect teachings, and for the neophyte it will be an accurate placement of primary knowledge.

Q. Who will be teaching me? For the entire session it will be Gary Weaver. Other teachers may be available during the training. Vera Resnick will give a training session via SKYPE on understanding remedies.

 Funcionarios del Instituto

manuelManuel Gutiérrez Ontiveros
Licenciado en Medicina por la Universidad de Sevilla, año 1983
Formación en Homeopatía
Estudios en Homeopatía de México
Máster en Homeoptía por la Universidad de Sevilla
Cursos de especialización en Homeopatía con diversos profesores internacionales
Ejercicio en Homeopatía desde el año 1983
Consulta: Barriada los Príncipes Parcela 7 Bloque 8, Sevilla
Tlf 606 207 345
Antonio Gil Ortega
Licenciado en Medicina por la Universidad de Sevilla en 1982
Formacion en Homeopatia en Mexico D.F. en 1984-85 por el IMHAC
Formación continuada en Homeopatia por diferentes Profesores Internacionales reconocidos.
Acreditación en Medicina Homeopatica por el Real e Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Médicos de Sevilla
Ejercicio Clínico-Homeopatico desde 1983
Consulta: C/ Guadalupe, 5, 1ºB, Sevilla
Tfno.: 619956365

isidreIsidre Lara i Llobet

Licenciado en Medicina y Cirugía por la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona en 1980.

Formación en Homeopatía con Homoeopathia Europea con Jacques Imberechts desde 1978, y en cursos de la escuela argentina (Tomás Pablo Paschero, Eugenio Candebabe, …) y mexicana (Proceso Sánchez Ortega). Formación en el método de Alfonso Masi Elizalde en San Sebastián, 1987-1992.
Práctica clínica de medicina homeopática desde 1980; en Palma de Mallorca desde 1984.
Centre de Medicina Homeopàtica de Mallorca. Av. Joan March, nº 8, 5-1. Palma de Mallorca –España.
Tlf.: +34 971 20 65 66 /  658 810 910



Gary Weaver. D.O. med. D.hom med.

Qualified in 1982. Director of Institute for Homoeopathic medicine from 1986. International lecturer and researcher.

Co developer of the P&W OpenRep SYNOPSIS computer program.

Clinic in Seville Spain. Specialising in phone consultations (english only) Spanish translator in the clinic.

telephone: +44 2921256260 English speaking only. It is an English phone number on SKYPE which I can pick up in Spain.


Vera Resnick. Dhom med (Lic) IHM.

BA International Relations, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel 1986

Qualified from Madicin, Tel Aviv, Israel (Homoeopathy) in 2004

Post Graduate studies with David Little 2004-2006

Advanced Clinical Studies with the IHM 2010-

Clinic: 43 Emek Refaim, Jerusalem, Israel


phone: 972-54-4640736

SKYPE available.

English and Hebrew speaker.


Q. What happens after the course?

The course is an intensive based at university level education level. There will much to read and recap over the following 6 months to consolidate and ratify everything you have absorbed. For the practitioner, it will be something he or she will slowly incorporate into the clinic, and as they grow more confident with the results, it will transform their clinic work immensely. For the neophyte who wish to continue in training, we will offer some online options.

Q. What is the cost of the 4 days of training?

The cost is €1000 Euros. This is for the course only, not included is the cost of accommodation, airfares and transportation The training will be at one of our clinics. We will provide refreshments and lunch (mainly Spanish traditional cooking at local restaurants. We can provide guidance on Vegetarian, halal and koshe fare if required.)

Q. What books do I need?

We recommend the computer version of the P & W OpenRep SYNOPSIS. It contains all the materials required. The retail price is $799 but for students of the course it can be obtained for $450. €400 Euro.

The course director is Gary Weaver, co translator of the P & W Therapeutic Pocket Book, an accurate modern day revised version of the original 1846 version. It took over 3 years of work to make it to an acceptable working version for the computer. (A book version in English is available as well). Gary spent a number of years from 1998 researching the original writings of Hahnemann and collating his methodology for personal practice. Since then, the information has been presented to several hundreds of people in stpbpwminars and workshops.

It is a great opportunity to take a holiday with the family and combine it with intensive training. We will arrange the teaching schedule so as to maximise your learning and yet leave enough space for time with your family if required.

Please contact for further information and date availability.

For practitioners who demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the principles, at the discretion of the officers of the IHM, they may be offered licentiateship.

February 2017 Gold standard training course. English and Spanish.


We are running two training courses in February.

SPANISH ONLY: Thursday Feb 9th to Monday Feb 13 inclusive.

ENGLISH ONLY: Thursday Feb 16th-Monday Feb 20th inclusive.

P1060304We will be conducting the training course at out North Seville Clinic in Sevilla Spain as normal. Flights are inexpensive this time of the year and we can recommend Hotels. Public transport makes getting around very easy.

These two courses are for practitioners who have at least 3 years experience. The course material is intensive and will comprehensively cover all relevant and necessary Hahnemannian instructions from the Organon and Chronic diseases in relation to understanding how to extract the information required for accurate case taking, analysis and prescribing. The I.H.M. is a research and training organisation that was established in 1986 to promote the practice of homoeopathy as a medical specialty as outlined by Hahnemann.

tpbpwWe will discuss Miasms, What is a symptom, how to extract prescribing symptoms, how to differentiate between personality and morbid symptoms, how to find the symptoms that are central to both the case and a remedy, which symptoms to ignore and which cannot be ignored. We will look at prescribing protocols, LM potencies, repetition of the medicine, when to stop and when to change. All of the above list will be linked to associated Hahnemannian texts. We will demonstrate the principles with over 25 case examples with full explanation. We will take you on a tour of a Homoeopathic pharmacy and explain in detail how remedies are made.

laptop2Each student can avail themselves of the following.

  1. A full 125 medicine LM Boenninghausen remedy kit at an unbelievable price.
  2. The SYNOPSIS computer program at an unbelievable price.
  3. The book version of the SYNOPSIS repertory in English at an unbelievable price.
  4. The ability to download many books in PDF from our vast libraryremedies

If any practitioner, in the opinion of the I.H.M. teaching staff, meets the criteria for membership of the I.H.M. Register during the course, they will be awarded the membership Diploma at the end of the 5 days teaching.

Please contact us for your placement at:

We do not exceed 5 persons for each course.

IHM and Hahnemann

I recently read an article:

maxresdefaultand laughed my way through the rebuttals given by Mark Crislip on October 24, 2008. I was not laughing at him but with him. From a modern medical point of view, the questions raised have not been answered properly by homoeopaths.

Firstly, our profession is in the midst of a great confusion. We have the majority of practitioners who have not learned the application of homoeopathy properly or understand clearly that it is a medical application of therapeutics to stimulate the immune response by giving a substance that will produce an artifically induced increase in certain symptoms from an external substance, and thus produce a more focused response from the organism to deal with the problem.

It has nothing to do with personality or disposition and everything to do with physiological expressions of the disease as expressed through the symptoms. It is a misnomer to say we treat the patient not the disease. We treat the disease.

We have a profession who misunderstand what a miasm is and prescribe incorrectly based on their erroneous view.

Identical women hugging trees in forest (digital composite)

Identical women hugging trees in forest (digital composite)

We have a profession with a large percentage of metaphysical thinkers who do not practice homoeopathy with understanding, utilising polypharmacy, the sensation method, false provings protocols, the elements and periodic table for remedy association etc etc.

We have a profession that teaches the religious view of Swedenborg through Kent as opposed to Hahnemanns many years of experimentations and conclusions.

We have a profession that is on the verge of extinction. Ostentiably from external pressures, yet I cant help feeling that the profession brought it upon itself.

Its not like its hard to understand the practice methodology… just reading the Organon and Chronic disease AS IS, without the Kentian spiritual overlay will do that for you. Letting go of any thoughts of it being a natural healing will do that for you….. grasping the reality that it is a MEDICAL practice of therapeutic application and not assigning personalities to medicines, and just seeing them as a symptom producing substance will aid in your understanding .

I give Pulsatilla to more men than women in colds and fever and urinary issue  symptoms… that blows the blue eyed blonde girl tag right out the window….

We dont have a well regulated system of training in homoeopathy. So many variations on practice that the student is not catered to from the original sources. 90% of the ‘names’ in modern homoeopathy practice a variation or a deviation of the methodology that it is not funny anymore. How is a student to know what is real or not?

How would a student know which college to go to for training? Everyone claims to be Hahnemann based, everyone claims to teach the right way.

The IHM have been attacked for being “elitist” and “stuck in a fundamentalist mode”, “not keeping up with advances in homoeopathy”,  for being “arrogant in our sureity of Hahnemanns methodology without really knowing the full picture of life and health and the things Hahnemann got wrong in his understanding in the 18th century…”

We at the IHM practice homoeopathy as a medical therapy based on the entire protocols as defined by Hahnemann. We do not make excuses for that.Without him there is no comprehension of the principles in action. Without him there is no approach to health care unless the steps he advocates are followed carefully. Without adherence to HIS protocols, there is no answer to the issues when a case gets complicated or goes wrong.

In the intensive 5 day teaching course, we relate EVERYTHING to sourced material with many examples, and always defer to Hahnemannian principles both in practice and health care. We show the PROTOCOLS for practice methodology and where to find the information pertaining to them from Hahnemann. We discuss openly and compare his observations with HIS cases and others as examples in matching the ESSENTIAL symptoms of disease presented in every patient… We dissect line by line his thoughts on miasms, what they are and how to use the knowledge of them to move a case forward…. we look at each step of the process in case management as outlined by him and show HOW and WHY he treats in the manner advocated.  We will show his methodology of giving the LM potencies and the clinically observed benefits of using them in practice. We even offer a Boenninghausen LM 0/1 remedy kit to the course participants at an amazing price.

We will be starting the new year with two new training courses in Seville Spain. One in Spanish and one in English. Details will follow.

And so it came to pass….

When I first came to give Seminars in Spain after returning from the USA in 2013, I recall telling homoeopaths  that the non homoeopathic Sensation method would infiltrate the homoeopathic colleges and cause issues. I was laughed at.

I also begged the Spanish homoeopaths to not have the remedies classed as medicines. Now, onerous regulations have been placed on the production of medicines, and remedies can only be dispensed from a pharmacy.

I was informed today, that all medical colleges in Spain have removed association with medical practitioners who practice homoeopathy and will not allow us to use their facilities for meetings or conferences any more.

Further, degree courses for homoeopathy have been removed from the Universities.

To date, according to my sources, only one medical doctor has applied to study homoeopathy in the Barcelona College system in 2016.

So now we have a Spanish homoeopathic system dominated by the Sensation method, hampered by excessive regulations and no future to speak of.

Among all these problems, the Spanish homoeopaths themselves seek to take what little power they can and are demanding that homoeopathy should only be practiced by medically qualified people. Do not the facts show that in 10 years there will be only a handful of drs practicing homoeopathy?

We have to face the facts. Homeoeopathy is indeed under attack from the big pharmacies and the medical associations. It has reached a point where patients in the west do not know what to believe anymore and are being forced into the singular mainstream drug therapies by peer pressure and the low costs of the insurance system for them. As they are not offered alternative treatments within the system, the extra financial burden of treatment by a homoeopath can be too much for an already stretched pocket.

We as a therapy need to deal with the internal problems of homoeopathy that exist.

#1. Firstly, since Kent the majority of Western homoeopaths have ceased to study Homoeopathy as defined by Hahnemann, and have viewed everything through a metaphysical filter.

#2. Homoeopathy is a medical speciality and as such needs to utilised along very specific lines for the benefit of the patient.

#3. Without the understanding of the Organon and Chronic Diseases, it is impossible to practice well and consistently.

#4. Modern methods of practice have moved homoeopathy into the realms of fantasy, metaphysical thinking and quasi psychological analysis.

When I read the comments from skeptics about our therapy, it is difficult for me to defend the position due to the problems of practice within our community. Starting with polypharmacy, essence prescribing, kineseology, prescribing on personality, radionics, dream provings, homoeopathic pharmacies making remedies for named diseases, etc etc.

In a recent discussion I had with 24 student homoeopaths, not one could define clearly how the principle of practice was to be applied, and only 3 had leafed through the Organon at some stage. A colleague was talking to a student who had told him that she was giving up studying the therapy. She was being taught the sensation method at her school. She stated that homoeopathy was too difficult and she could not grasp it. When informed that perhaps the method she was being taught might be at fault, she stated emphatically, “NO! I see that it can only be taught by gifted people, observers of the inner mans spirit, I cant do that”.

Sadly for her, she never got to see that the practice is a one of medicine and applying proven substances that fit the disease expression to aid the immune system to recover its equilibrium and restore the organism to health. She never got to see that personality, preferences and thought patterns are not to be treated. Homoeopathy ONLY treats morbid alterations in the health of a person be it mental or physical.

I object to having my career taken away from me by my ill trained colleagues who think they know know what homoeopathy is and practice without knowledge or adherence to the therapy’s guidelines. I object that students are not taught correctly, I object that we do not have medically minded people among us and that the vast majority of practitioners mix dissonant protocols and other therapies within the practice.

Mostly I object that we in the West have no defence against the commentary against us, and its our fault. Our so called spokesmen for the therapy in the public eye have sold out to the false teachings within the therapy and dont know that they dont know.

The Institute for Homoeopathic medicine here in Spain, teach directly from the Organon and the writings and knowledge of Hahnemann and his colleagues. We can outline the history and development of the therapy in detail, and have a teaching platform that can impart all that needs to known of the principles of practice of homoeopathy within a 12 month period. The students we have had the pleasure of teaching are all of a high calibre of practitioner and have gone on to be good practitioners in their respective countries. It requires a lot of self study on the part of the student to develop the skill set to be a good homoeopath. That determination plus effort is what the therapy requires on the part of practitioners.

To be known as a good practitioner is the reward. With consistent results in the clinic. To be able to make a good prescription via information given via email, via SKYPE or in a physical presence of the patient based solely on careful analysis of the patients symptoms solely, is a good thing.

I was contacted by a patient regarding his son whom was having issues of skin, respiratory and other complaints. After several weeks with some allopathic treatment and creams, the child was no better.


I received the information via a text message. A quick analysis of the case was made, and a prescription made. Some improvement was noted, and then a new symptom picture was reported. Based on this information, a remedy  was prescribed and in two days the problem was resolved. All I had were the photos and a description of the expression of the disease.  Skin eruptions, facial swelling, scalp itching, cough, sleeplessness, loose stools etc.

I received this photo two days later. A complete cure and the resolution of other issues not mentioned.


This is what my colleagues do consistently and repeatedly in line with Hahnemanns directions.  By adhering to the instructions laid down for the practice of the therapy, we remove all the supposition and guesswork from the equation. We have a framework to define our actions and thinking that was formulated over many years by Hahnemann. We know that when we fail we have a methodology to work with to get back on track.

So for the practitioners in Spain, for the medical homoeopaths, the allopaths have shown their antipathy towards the practice. They have excluded their colleagues from using any of the facilities. Perhaps its time for the homoeopaths to accept the true colours of allopathy and remove themselves from membership of an organisation that is out to destroy them.

The sad thing is that this is a re run of the 1900s when the medical associations did the same thing resulting in the demise of homoeopathy for many years.

We need to get our act together as a therapy instead of contributing to our deserved fate.

Subjective observation is the problem.

The problem with Diagnosis in homoeopathy is that it relies most heavily on subjectivity rather than objectivity.

Thinking manWhilst it is true that a symptom is pretty objective, the actual diagnosis as per aph 6, is not based on the entire collection of symptoms of the disease, but on relatively few that aph 153 describe.

In short, we look for the symptoms that describe the disease state, and possibly from which other exhibited symptoms presented spring from. Not only do we look for these symptoms that are peculiar to the disease state, but we look for a remedy that has the ability to produce the same symptoms.

For those steeped in the Kentian philosophy, the objective viewpoint will be slanted towards the personality/mental/emotional symptoms that the patient exhibits which may or may not be altered states of disposition from a pathological point of view and therefore lead to an incorrect prescription.

For others, with no understanding of pathology and disease symptoms, the inability to know what is common to the disease may lead to inclusion of many symptoms that are not prescribing symptoms at all.

It is this basic fundamental observational required skill that differentiates a true practitioner from the man floundering in darkness in a sea of symptoms.

This is why we fail in case analysis sometimes, but more importantly why conventional testing of homoeopathic medicines cannot be applied due to the prescribing protocol for symptoms.

It is not as easy as one would think.




A new IHM member.

JOSÉ LUIS RUIZ GURBINDO from Zaragoza attended the 5 day intensive course at the I.H.M. Office in Seville starting on the 27th October.

p1060446The teaching staff of Antonio and Manuel were there to translate and help Gary to present the Hahnemannian viewpoint of the therapy to students.

All the teaching staff were impressed with the abilities and knowledge demonstrated by Dr Gurbindo.

On the final day, we went to the homoeopathic pharmacy and saw howp1060447 production took place. After lunch, Antonio, Manuel and myself presented Jose with a membership diploma of the IHM. We only do this for people who apply Hahnemannian principles in their practice and demonstrate a good ability in case taking.

We will be placing him on the Register in due course.

Congratulations and welcome.





Questions that have been asked regarding homoeopathy.


What is Psora?

220px-hahnemannPsora is Hahnemanns model for a disease process stemming from a singular root. Hahnemann considered it as the most common ailment to affect mankind. He also made the point that it was acquired by INFECTION and therefore was not transferred by hereditary.  A full and thorough examination of the medical models of Psora Sycosis and Syphilis is conducted in the IHM Advanced training course. It is not a disease per se, it is a process via infection and the resultant sequela.

What are Homoeopathic remedies?

Homoeopathic remedies are medicines. They are powerful substances that should not be given except when required in a particular circumstance for a set of matching symptoms in a disease state to aid the immune system to overcome the illness.

Schuesslers Tissue Salts.

Not homoeopathy. Not based on proper evaluation or proving protocol. Dangerous if misused.

Remedy repetition, alternation of remedies and changes of remedies.

Sadly, a lot of information on the web is incorrect. Remedies should always be given in water, not repeated whilst a curative action is taking place, and not alternated morning and night. Remedies are given on a totality basis and when that totality changes, only then should the remedy be changed. Also, whilst under the action of a remedy, symptoms may change, HOWEVER a change of remedy should not be thought of unless the disease picture changes, not just a single symptom. Qualification of this statement is discussed in the advanced training course.

Use of remedies.

They should not be used to ‘boost’ the immune system and should always be used sparingly and just enough to let the body do the work. The totality of symptoms is not the same as the totality of all the symptoms of the disease. (Aph 6, 153 and Aph 253). It is hard enough for a trained physician to elicit prescribing symptoms so for the home user it is even more difficult. Repetition or change of medicines should be done judiciously, and not using a whole plethora of medicines. Chasing symptoms with medicines will make a person very sick.


Q1/. I have experienced aggravation of the symptoms after taking what seems to be the correct remedy. Itch and headache for example. Is this due to the low potency? I mostly use 30C.

Q1A/ Impossible to qualify in an answer without knowing the problem or whether the remedy is correct. It depends on dose frequency, how is taken and what is termed an aggravation of symptoms.

tpbpwQ2/. When selecting the symptoms of a disease in the TPB, selecting two different areas of the body and two different modalities for the sensation, how does the program recognize which sensation is related to which modality? Or is this irrelevant?

Q2A/. The evaluation model used by Boenninghausen is a synthetic approach which sorts out the relationship of rubrics/symptoms.

Q3/. In a chronic case, how can a homeopath tell how long to continue the first dose and how often?

Q3A/. A dose is a single application of a medicine. Evaluation of its action will be a combination of re-action, changes, and watching carefully. Repeating the dose will be based on the criteria in the Organon.

Q4/. In order to verify that patient has a latent psora, does the physician always have to look for sign of an itch that may have been present only in the past?

Q4A/. The homoeopath does not need to verify this. The totality of symptoms is the only method of prescribing. Most information on the web regarding Psora.Sycosis and Syphilis is totally incorrect therefore treatment of a ‘miasmatic’ disease may be for the wrong miasm. A careful understanding of the medical model may include using Sulphur or Mercurius but will be applied on the basis of symptoms exhibited or suppressed.

Q5/. Should the remedy Warnings always be checked before prescribing?

Q5A/. Given that again, most of the information regarding remedies is incorrect, we have found it best to heed the comments by Hahnemann in his writings on each individual remedy.

Q6/. I remember you saying that one symptom is not a disease. If there are modalities associated with that symptom, is it still a single symptom? Or does the physician have to look for another symptom as well?

Q6A/. A symptom comprises of a location, a sensation and modalities. A symptom for prescribing does not exist without these three components. This is then a complete symptom. It will need the same criteria applied to each symptom considered for evaluation. One symptom does not a case make.

Q7/. I can understand by reading the chronic Diseases that if the itch is suppressed by means of ointments, baths of sulphur or mercury or other modern methods, it can bring about other diseases or symptom. If a symptom of a disease that is not an itch, and it is supressed, can that also act like a psora and bring about another disease or a symptom? What about Syphilis and Sycosis, are they supposed to be treated as Psora?

Q7A/. You understand incorrectly. There is no such thing as ‘a Psora’. Psora is in the medical model a singular disease process from which all expressions of the Psoric disease originate. Suppression on any level will not create a ‘new’ disease, but will produce a different expression of the same disease and possibly of a more dangerous nature due to having to find an alternate outlet. All diseases are treated via the methodology of how the organism reacts to the infecting agent. It is an individualising of the REACTIVE process rather than the infection that guides for a prescription.

Q8/. Lastly which may sound awkward or silly. Can psora be treated and got rid of completely?

Q8A/. I see the disease in question can be removed with treatment. As to removal of Psora completely, I do not think so. A person is always liable to reinfection.


Benefits of studying with the IHM. A personal reflection.


“……I first came across the IHM on the internet about 6 or 7 years ago. I was reading a homoeopathic web forum when I came across a few articles and case examples using the Boenninghausen therapeutic book for case analysis, yet always refering back to the Organon for each step of the process. I continued to read each article as they appeared. I have been in and around homoeopathic medicine for 20 some years. I studied Vithoulkas and worked with Andre Saines methodology for about 8 years. In all that time though, I never felt I had a ‘grasp’ on understanding the case or case management.

I also had a very painful disease state that had been on me for nearly 30 years for which no practitioner had been able to touch.

Contact was made with Gary Weaver regarding my health and I asked him if it would be possible to cure me. After listening to my symptoms he said yes. He also told me it would be a little painful at times and not be quick. He said that cure would be to the extent of whatever damage had been done but it would happen. He was right. It took 2.5 years. There were times it was very painful. In those moments, Gary told me to take some pain relievers and carry on. With his constant and reassuring presence at the end of a phone, I was able to work through each difficulty and occasional setback until I was free of my disease.

Towards the end of my treatment, I asked him a couple of questions regarding homoeopathy, and much to my delight, he pointed me to references in the Organon and Chronic diseases and explained what Hahnemann meant by his comments. I began to ask other questions and within 2 weeks I felt that I finally had begun to comprehend what homoeopathy is. Gary kindly set aside a couple of hours a week for me so we could discuss anything I needed to know.

Im an older man now, and my disease and the lack of good teaching sadly meant I missed out on a career in homoeopathic medicine as a professional. I wish I had met Gary 30 years before.

I learned more about homoeopathy in a few hours of chat with him, than in all of my studying and training. Gary ALWAYS references to the Organon and cross references with cases and other writings. There is a clarity in his approach to the practice that allows him to work through a problem in a linear methodology. He has a grasp of homoeopathic principles and an unswerving confidence in the law of similars that I have never seen before.

pawinside-viewIn the last 4 years, I have studied with the IHM and worked on many cases with Gary. One case in particular sticks in my mind. Gary had encouraged me to take on a few private acute diseases, and one was neighbours dog. This dog had a problem of sucking on his paws until they were sore. he would do it day and night. I had worked out a remedy for the dog and Gary listened to my explanation of why it was that remedy. He didnt say anything so I finally asked if it was correct. In a very brief 2 sentence explanation of his thinking, he recommended a remedy that was not in my repertorisation. I decided to try it.

After the first dose, the dog just looked stunned. It would look at his paws and that was it. It was strange to see this dog just looking at his paws without licking them.Over the following weeks, a brief return to the problem and the remedy was repeated. Now the dog is a happy normal dog with no anxiety issues at all.

The reason that this case sticks in my mind was just the way in which Gary had analysed the situation ‘as is’ and without interpretation. He just worked from the central symptoms and incorporated rubrics that described the reality. I think he use 3 rubrics. When I read the remedy, I saw exactly the state of symptoms that the dog exhibited. As stated, I have seen many cases worked on and the same logic is applied to each case. Occasionally a case fails to respond, and I have seen him re analyse the case to find where it went wrong… mostly he fixes it quickly. He is not swayed by names of diseases or knowledge of syndromes etc… he takes only the pertinent symptoms as displayed by the patient.

I must also add that Gary took my case on the phone. Just the symptoms.

I have had the pleasure of collating the P&W therapeutic Pocket Book into a print edition. When  I came across rubrics that I did not understand, Gary would explain them to me through the remedies contained in them. He said that when Vladimir Polony and himself were translating, their reference to accurate understanding was always through the remedies. A rubric was a generalised expression of the symptom, and the totality of rubrics particularised a symptom/state that a remedy contained for the disease state expressed and for a remedy that could produce the similar symptom.

I would highly recommend a week of learning with the IHM no matter what stage of your group_studycareer you are at. The clarity in which homoeopathy is presented will enhance your understanding and abilities 1000%. Gary and colleagues have no sense of self aggrandisement. They are more concerned with cases that do not respond and will retake the case until they understand it..they are interested in YOU as a practitioner and will bend over backwards to help you.”

Ed Nunnery.