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Post graduate course in English in Seville.


Any 4 day consecutive period from 26th April to 14th of May 2017.  We offer this because of flight scheduling. So for example, if you have a good price on a flight on Friday 28th of April, we can start the course on Saturday 29th for 4 days.

(We also have affiliate courses being conducted in: Israel: IHM Israel  and in Mexico: IHM Mexico)

largeletterheadMaster-class P.T.P. (Personalised training program) for Practitioners).

The IHM is an organization dedicated to research and dissemination of accurate Hahnemannian knowledge regarding homoeopathy. We teach from the sources and hold no affinity to modern methods of practice or thinking.

We believe that homoeopathy is a branch of medicine based on the law of similars which is the best method for curing sickness. For a person willing to apply themselves to the learning of the principles and methodology of the practice, we believe (if it taught correctly) it can be learned in 6 to 12 months. This does not include other medical subjects like anatomy and physiology.

It is our experience that a practitioner who has learned the accurate knowledge of the medical practice as defined and proven by Hahnemann, is a practitioner that has surety in his ability to follow the principles and directives that will lead to success in his or her prescribing.

A Prescriber utilising the Boenninghausen developed methodology, based on Hahnemanns logic and thinking, will have a far greater understanding of the remedies and application of and what they are capable of and be able to manage the case through to a successful conclusion.

There has been no beneficial advances made in recent years to enhance the logical and accurate methodology as defined by Hahnemann. The reverse sadly is true.










An IHM trained clinician usually is able to collect the required data for analysis in less than one hour, and extract the essential prescribing symptoms quickly.

To this end, we offer the following.

A  four day intensive course for an individual or small group, in a training environment for the learning of Hahnemannian homoeopathy.

Q. Where is the location?

Seville (Spain) .

Q.What Language is the course in?

Primarily English but with Spanish speaking translation if required.

antonio clinic

Q. What will I learn?

Our course is based around all the writings of Hahnemann.

Therefore we will:

  • overview the Organon, The Chronic Diseases, and selected writings.
  • We will then focus on select areas pertaining to casetaking,
  • case management,
  • how to select prescribing symptoms,
  • how to use LM potencies and centesimal potencies,
  • when to stop medicating, when to change potency or change the prescription,
  • How to know when to change the remedy and why.
  • The differences between Chronic and acute prescribing,
  • Miasms,
  • how to read and understand remedy provings.
  • How to use the Therapeutic Pocket book.
  • How to select rubrics from patients language.
  • How to compile a complete symptom that accurately represents the patients complaint.
  • And much more.

Q. Who is the course open to?

Persons who wish to learn the method of practice of Hahnemann and Boenninghausen.

Q. Do I have to be be medically qualified?


Q. Do I need to be a practitioner?

No. The course has been designed to teach both practitioners and those with some basic knowledge. For the practitioner, it will be more difficult as they will have to “unlearn” a lot of incorrect teachings, and for the neophyte it will be an accurate placement of primary knowledge.

Q. Who will be teaching me? For the entire session it will be Gary Weaver. Other teachers may be available during the training. Vera Resnick will give a training session via SKYPE on understanding remedies.

 Funcionarios del Instituto

manuelManuel Gutiérrez Ontiveros
Licenciado en Medicina por la Universidad de Sevilla, año 1983
Formación en Homeopatía
Estudios en Homeopatía de México
Máster en Homeoptía por la Universidad de Sevilla
Cursos de especialización en Homeopatía con diversos profesores internacionales
Ejercicio en Homeopatía desde el año 1983
Consulta: Barriada los Príncipes Parcela 7 Bloque 8, Sevilla
Tlf 606 207 345
Antonio Gil Ortega
Licenciado en Medicina por la Universidad de Sevilla en 1982
Formacion en Homeopatia en Mexico D.F. en 1984-85 por el IMHAC
Formación continuada en Homeopatia por diferentes Profesores Internacionales reconocidos.
Acreditación en Medicina Homeopatica por el Real e Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Médicos de Sevilla
Ejercicio Clínico-Homeopatico desde 1983
Consulta: C/ Guadalupe, 5, 1ºB, Sevilla
Tfno.: 619956365

isidreIsidre Lara i Llobet

Licenciado en Medicina y Cirugía por la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona en 1980.

Formación en Homeopatía con Homoeopathia Europea con Jacques Imberechts desde 1978, y en cursos de la escuela argentina (Tomás Pablo Paschero, Eugenio Candebabe, …) y mexicana (Proceso Sánchez Ortega). Formación en el método de Alfonso Masi Elizalde en San Sebastián, 1987-1992.
Práctica clínica de medicina homeopática desde 1980; en Palma de Mallorca desde 1984.
Centre de Medicina Homeopàtica de Mallorca. Av. Joan March, nº 8, 5-1. Palma de Mallorca –España.
Tlf.: +34 971 20 65 66 /  658 810 910



Gary Weaver. D.O. med. D.hom med.

Qualified in 1982. Director of Institute for Homoeopathic medicine from 1986. International lecturer and researcher.

Co developer of the P&W OpenRep SYNOPSIS computer program.

Clinic in Seville Spain. Specialising in phone consultations (english only) Spanish translator in the clinic.

telephone: +44 2921256260 English speaking only. It is an English phone number on SKYPE which I can pick up in Spain.


Vera Resnick. Dhom med (Lic) IHM.

BA International Relations, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel 1986

Qualified from Madicin, Tel Aviv, Israel (Homoeopathy) in 2004

Post Graduate studies with David Little 2004-2006

Advanced Clinical Studies with the IHM 2010-

Clinic: 43 Emek Refaim, Jerusalem, Israel


phone: 972-54-4640736

SKYPE available.

English and Hebrew speaker.


Q. What happens after the course?

The course is an intensive based at university level education level. There will much to read and recap over the following 6 months to consolidate and ratify everything you have absorbed. For the practitioner, it will be something he or she will slowly incorporate into the clinic, and as they grow more confident with the results, it will transform their clinic work immensely. For the neophyte who wish to continue in training, we will offer some online options.

Q. What is the cost of the 4 days of training?

The cost is €1000 Euros. This is for the course only, not included is the cost of accommodation, airfares and transportation The training will be at one of our clinics. We will provide refreshments and lunch (mainly Spanish traditional cooking at local restaurants. We can provide guidance on Vegetarian, halal and koshe fare if required.)

Q. What books do I need?

We recommend the computer version of the P & W OpenRep SYNOPSIS. It contains all the materials required. The retail price is $799 but for students of the course it can be obtained for $450. €400 Euro.

The course director is Gary Weaver, co translator of the P & W Therapeutic Pocket Book, an accurate modern day revised version of the original 1846 version. It took over 3 years of work to make it to an acceptable working version for the computer. (A book version in English is available as well). Gary spent a number of years from 1998 researching the original writings of Hahnemann and collating his methodology for personal practice. Since then, the information has been presented to several hundreds of people in stpbpwminars and workshops.

It is a great opportunity to take a holiday with the family and combine it with intensive training. We will arrange the teaching schedule so as to maximise your learning and yet leave enough space for time with your family if required.

Please contact for further information and date availability.

For practitioners who demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the principles, at the discretion of the officers of the IHM, they may be offered licentiateship.

Removing the effects of allopathic medicines.

We teach the fullness of Hahnemanns instructions in our specialist case taking seminars.

§ 76 Sixth Edition

Only for natural diseases has the beneficent Deity granted us, in homoeopathy, the means of affording relief; but those devastations and maimings of the human organism exteriorly and interiorly, effected by years, frequently, of the unsparing exercise of a false art, with its hurtful drugs and treatment, must be remedied by the vital force itself (appropriate aid being given for the eradication of any chronic miasm that may happen to be lurking in the background), if it has not already been too much weakened by such mischievous acts, and can devote several years to this huge operation undisturbed. A human healing art, for the restoration to the normal state of those innumerable abnormal conditions so often produced by the allopathic non-healing art, there is not and cannot be.

Too often the physician finds a patient before him that has been plyed with numerous drugs in the treatment of  their affection. How much can homoeopathy do in a situation like this?

stressed_tired_drHahnemann points out that in his experience, if the energy of the patient has not been completely depleted by drugs, it will be by the sole action of the immune system/Vital force that can restore health. Accessory help can be given by looking at the primary miasm/infection and helping to remove that, but primarily it is only the organism that can cure and this can take several years. Sometimes structural changes in the organism occur from the drug action, and the resultant action from the immune system to save life produce incurable or unchangeable situations.

For this reason Hahnemann asserts that Homoeopathy is only really useful in the treatment of NATURAL DISEASES and that these acute and chronic non miasmatic iatrogenic drug diseases are almost impossible to treat successfully.

I have sadly turned away several patients with drug induced disease states that did not respond to treatment on this basis.

Returning to Hahnneman

Original Spanish version here

manuelHomeopathy in the world today is in crisis. I am not referring to the lack of medical doctors and professionals who practice it, but by the senselessness in which it has become immersed.

Impurifications will divert every river from its original path, and this is a metaphor for what I believe has happened to homeopathy from its beginnings until today; with the passing of time homeopathy has been contaminated with multiple theories and notions beyond its control that have done it a great disservice.

I can argue that everything evolves in life and homeopathy should not be indifferent to this evolution and change. We agree on this point. However, when we talk about evolution, we speak of an evolution which makes sense, of evolution which occurs in a logical and coherent line from the principles that gave birth to it. We are not talking of a multilinear, random evolution of philosophical and psychological concepts which fall outside core homoeopathic doctrine.

I will not go into the possible contamination of homoeopathy perpetrated by Kent. This has already been discussed in these pages. I do however want to emphasize the two most serious contaminations that I see Homeopathy is suffering from today – the psychological and the spiritualist.

The psychological contamination of homoeopathy has come about partly from the influence of psychoanalysis and its ramifications, and the schools of homoeopathy built on these psychoanalytical misrepresentations, such as the South American schools of today.

The other serious deviation has come from spiritualist, typically new age currents which have infiltrated Homoeopathy and have led to such serious absurdities as sleep provings of remedies and other aberrations that I will not go into here. All of these practices have created a Homoeopathy which has been “disembodied” and removed from the reality of the patient, preferring to seek answers in the patient’s hidden pseudo-spiritual spaces.

I began working with homeopathy in the 80s and have been practicing since that time. Like many of my colleagues, I have noted that the practice of Homoeopathy has come more and more psycho-spiritual than medical. I do not mean to disparage the field of psychology. However, it should be given the place allocated to it by Hahnemann and Boenninghausen within the overall framework of the study of the patient, as can be seen by simply examining the Organon and Hahnemann’s Materia Medica Pura.

The teachers who taught me homoeopathy constantly repeated the importance of returning to Hahnemannian homoeopathy, of going back to the sources, but in their practice, nothing was further from reality. In my view, returning to Hahnemann and to the best of his disciples and thus returning to sanity and logical Hahnemannian thinking, is the only thing which can save homoeopathy from the abyss to which it is being led by some schools of thought and pseudo-homoeopathic practice.

From a completely objective point of view, Dr. Gary’s teaching presents a return to the purest of Hahnemman methodological study. Not only that, it also provides security in what we are doing, far removed from the insecurity in the field demonstrated by other so-called homoeopathic practices.

There is an extraordinary coherence and internal logic in the method proposed by Dr. Gary, who himself only picks up the thread of Hahnneman and Boenninghausen’s teachings and demonstrates their implementation.

And it is in this sense that one can speak of a real and true homeopathic evolution


What will approx $4000 get you?

I took a look at the cost of 2 weeks in Seville for an American wanting a vacation and homoeopathic training.

espacio_parasol_sevillaCost of AirFare USA to Sevilla is between $700 and $1600 depending on date and departure airport.

Hotel for 2 weeks is approx $600-$800

Cost for 5 days personalised training with the IHM is €1000 Euros.

Thinking-ManCost of buying P&W computer repertory at 50% discount if not already owning it is $399.

The 5 days of training is at our IHM clinics. All our staff speak fluent English. Gary Weaver is from Britain and lived in the States for 14 years.

You will study the Organon, Chronic Diseases, Case-taking, Case prescription, how to use the Therapeutic Pocket book, Materia Medica, the LM potency scale, how use and manage.

This is a University level teaching program. Intensive, fact filled but exampled all along the way.

sevillaWe structure the course so you have free time during the evening, and of course in the second week the time is yours completely…. go visit Cadiz or Granada, take a river cruise and relax by yourself or your family…..laptop2

Next English speaking course starts at end of July 2016. (We conduct courses in Spanish and English)

Learn more and contact course details

We offer one free placement for 4 people booking together.



Student comment regarding training course.

My name is Agata. I am from Poland.

poland-krakow-eros-bendato-sculpture       5-things-to-do-in-krakow

Recently visiting with Gary Weaver in Palma Mallorca for reason of learning casetaking. I am doctor of pediatrics in Poland and use homeopathy. In my visit, Gary had cough and sore throat and I watched it better get with homeopathy.

I have studied homeopathy since 6 years. In  short 3 days with him as colleague and friend, we related to homeopathy.

I learned more than all time spent in other studies. He showed me how to observe patient and how to find prescribing symptoms. Always he directed me to Organon and how to use common sense and ‘what is’ rather than speculation. He showed me symptoms appear where they come to and that prescribing symptoms are anywhere and do not need a hierarchy or mind component. He showed me method of giving LM medicines and how to evaluate results.

On my return to home this week. I gave remedy  for long problem case here. Gary did not tell me the remedy, he helped me work it in the repertory with right symptoms. It already is working since case came 1 year ago! He is kind man with my English and made sure I understood.

I will book for next year and hope to have friends come and study more. I have much to read and much to learn

Problems after Cataract surgery.

eds momma2Eighty something year old woman, generally in good health and very active in her local community providing bread and cakes for folk.

Went in for Cataract surgery in both eyes. Post procedure, was suffering from dry eyes,  a ‘film’ of sticky mucus and obscured vision.

At the same time, an old problem had raised its head again. A diarrhea after eating bread or pancakes.

So the case was analysed: P & W 2015 edition of the Therapeutic Pocket book.

eds momma


The practitioner was really sure on each symptom he used for analysis.

eds momma1

After reading Pulsatilla, it was administered in water.

The results were within one day. The dryness cleared up, the sticky film disappeared and also the diarrhoea. The patient was advised to steer clear of wheat products.

The patient remains well 2 weeks later.

Practitioner: Ed Nunnery. Dhom med IHM. Sacremento California.





happy-woman-fotolia_12331389_subscription_xxlI received a phone call from a patient in the USA a couple of days ago. She is 12 weeks pregnant and suffering heavily with her seasonal allergies.

She related the following….

Just want to complain all the time
Feel uncomfortable in my body all the time
Farting all day and night
Congested worse at night
Wake up with tons of mucus
Violent sneezing, like I will head butt someone
Coughing when lying down
Eyes are very itchy, dry, red and swollen, esp at night, dry,
Feel better in nature and while walking
Worse with bright lights and technology
Worse after 4pm, very worse from 6-8pm
Better in the morning and in the sun
Insomnia because so congested and itchy
Wake up 5-6 times a night blowing my nose
Very irritable and dry
Don’t want to be touched, esp hot hands
I didnt even repertorize the case. I prescribed LYCOPODIUM 30c in water 4 doses.
Hi Gary, I have taken three doses so far and I have to tell you, I feel so fantastic. I finally have energy again! I wasn’t tired between 4-8 last night and even went out for a walk at 8pm, which never happens!!! I had a good 8 hour rest, only woke up 3 times to use bathroom (a miracle compared to 6-7 times) and slept a solid 4-hour stretch. I think the last time that happened was before I got pregnant. I was up at 6am and finally have the energy to clean my house. Wow. I can’t thank you enough!!!!!


The untold story of Vaccines.

Being brave.


Homoeopathy is an exact science. Yet…..

The problem with casetaking is that it requires accurate skills in observation. It requires a human to note and assess the symptoms, a human to make a judgement call on what he or she sees, and on this collection of data a remedy is selected.

I believe that the principle of homoeopathy never fails, only the homoeopath.

fever20babyOn Sunday the 24th of April at 5pm, Manuel and I met with a young mother whose 11 month old daughter had a high fever (40C) which had not resolved under Pulsatilla, Mercurius or Sulphur. These well indicated medicines failed to touch the situation.

The mother of the child has been a patient of Manuels for nearly 30 years since being a little girl herself. The family was opposed to homoeopathy so there was a little pressure on us to get it right.

So the symptoms were that the child had burning heat with no perspiration. The heat was centred on the chest and the temples. Huge thirst with the fever. There was a mild cough with some mucus.

The child was sleepless but extremely sleepy, restless and would only sleep when totally tired. She would wake into an aggravation and then go back to sleep again. Her hands were cold.

Manuel and I independently came to Phos. I was not happy with that prescription. So I sat back and observed.

The child was placed on the table at one point and began to cry. I felt the table and being a glass surface, was quite cold. I placed a cold object on the childs arm a little later and again the child began to cry.

I also noted that when the mother or grandmother picked up the child or moved its arms, the face registered discomfort as if the bones or muscles were sore.

What to do?

Well, I decided to trust my observations. So I repertorised on the following symptoms.

baby fever

I knew that Rhus Tox had bone and muscle soreness, so I kept that in mind.

Was I confident in the prescription? Not 100%… I read quickly through all the remedies in the 5 choices and concluded that if my observations were correct, then Rhus Tox was the closest in symptoms.

At about 8 pm that evening, the mother contacted Manuel to say that the fever had gone down and the child was happier in herself.

The day after, (Today) all symptoms had gone except for a little mucous and cough but that was getting better also.

The unprejudiced observer -takes note of nothing in every individual disease, except the changes in the health of the body and of the mind (morbid phenomena, accidents, symptoms) which can be perceived externally by means of the senses; that is to say, he notices only the deviations from the former healthy state of the now diseased individual, which are felt by the patient himself, remarked by those around him and observed by the physician. 

It takes a lot of faith to trust in observation above clinical knowledge and the chatter of other peoples opinions. It takes a while for a clinician to accept that the organism via PATHOLOGY in the expression of a disease, will sometimes fly in the face of a known symptom that is opposite to what is known about the disease.

I believe that this observation is the true understanding of 153.

§ 153 Fifth Edition
In this search for a homoeopathic specific remedy, that is to say, in this comparison of the collective symptoms of the natural disease with the list of symptoms of known medicines, in order to find among these an artificial morbific agent corresponding by similarity to the disease to be cured, the more striking, singular, uncommon and peculiar (characteristic) signs and symptoms of the case of disease are chiefly and most solely to be kept in view; for it is more particularly these that very similar ones in the list of symptoms of the selected medicine must correspond to, in order to constitute it the most suitable for effecting the cure. The more general and undefined symptoms: loss of appetite, headache, debility, restless sleep, discomfort, and so forth, demand but little attention when of that vague and indefinite character, if they cannot be more accurately described, as symptoms of such a general nature are observed in almost every disease and from almost every drug.